Ammale Kashayu! A Tribute Video from Son to Mother, for her ‘Kashayu’ meant to Chase Away Covid-19?

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Ammale Kashayu! (Mom’s Kashayu!) A Tribute Video from Son, Mukund Kamath, the Managing Partner of Ideal Ice Cream, Mangaluru to His Mother, Mrs Jaya Kamath, for her special Kashayu meant to Chase Away Covid-19? If at all Mrs Kamath’s Kashayu may not really chase away or kill the Corona Virus, but will surely boost your Immunity during the time of the pandemic. Mukund Kamath says, “Ammale Kashayu” story video was made with the intention as to how a mother takes care of her family with love and affection. And in reciprocation, how the family takes it to please Her even though the Kashaya works or not, but mothers and families love will always work”.

Mangaluru: It’s monsoon time, and it rains like cats and dogs quite often- and if you are out getting soaked in the rain, chances are that you may get cough or cold, leading even to fever symptoms. Yes, most of us suffer from common cold occasionally, and this happens mainly during the time of the rainy season. Many of us are aware of some sort of home remedies for such common illness and most of the time it works too. But a perfect remedy is just lying there in our kitchen shelves! A simple hot Kashayu (Kashayu, is in GSB Konkana language for Kashaya) or herbal drink will help to overcome cold, and it is always better to take home remedies first and if cannot be controlled, then visit your family physician, and spend a few bucks for the treatment.

And last night when Mukund Kamath forwarded his “Kashayu Story” video, it brought back fond memories of my childhood days, when my mom used to force me to drink her homemade Kashayu, which I had to consume with no excuses or be ready to get a ruler beating on your knuckles or buttocks? I still remember that every time I get drenched in heavy rain during my school days, I get cold, then the feelings of beginnings of a slight fever- and I run to the kitchen where my mother used to make hot Kashayu – it’s my first response to any and all forms of sickness that befall me even when I grew older, and it usually seems enough to stop most problems, particularly an upset stomach in its tracks. I spent most of the day sipping on cup after cup of the warm, fragrant, pitch-black brew and with every passing hour, I began to feel better.

Mrs Jaya Kamath, beaming with pride with her homemade cup of Special ‘Ammale Kashayu’

The word Kashayu or Kashayam always instigates mixed reactions from everyone; even if you didn’t know what they were, once you do, the mixed reactions will occur, right on cue. But let me try and abate the aversion from you today if you’re one of those people who hate it. Kashayu is an Ayurvedic home remedy that is made with whole spices and herbs, brewed as a tea and usually drunk hot. There are so many versions, each specializing in a specific form of wellness, and even some you can powder and mix with a glass of warm milk, instead of brewing as a tea.

Mukund Kamath shares a piece of Cake with his mother, while his son, Mohith looks on

The reason why most people hate this drink is probably that it’s usually given to you when you are sick or starting to become sick. Naturally, you always associate a glass of this brew with the feelings of being sick, so I can completely understand any disinclination you may bear towards it. I’ve always wondered why I never had any – I think it’s probably because I did not drink Kashayu only when sick – my mother would save me a cup whenever she made a batch for someone in the house, so I never associated it with sickness. It was just a drink and an interesting one at that. And as a kid, it made me feel all grown-up to like something that all other kids vehemently hated. But to be honest, it tastes not too different from regular black tea. If you want to ease into this drink, you could add a little milk or sweeten it with a little honey, or do both. But mom always said that drinking it full strength as is, is when you get its complete benefits. And I trust her on that.

And right now, here we have a Kashayu story and a video made by a son with love for her mom, who meticulously prepares her special Kashaya, especially during this time of pandemic- and her son, Mukund Kamath, the Managing Partner of Ideal Ice Cream, Mangaluru shares the story with Team Mangalorean, as narrated in the video. He said, “Ammale Kashayu story video was made with the intention of how a mother takes care of her family with love and affection. And then the family takes it to please her even though the Kashayu works or not, but mothers and families love always work. The fun elements were added like being spicy created fire and smoke all over the body and felt like I needed a fire engine.”

The “KASHAYKAR KAMATH” Family! L-R: Mrs Jaya Kamath, Prabhakar Kamath (Founder of Ideal Ice Cream), Miss Manya (Mukund’s daughter), Mukund Kamath, Mrs Divya Kamath (Mukund’s wife), and in front, Mohith (Mukund’s son)

” Its A KASHAYA PAATRA productions, after drinking so much Kashaya I feel like Bollywood hunk Akshay Kumar’s brother Kashay Kumar, and my surname changed to Agnihotri since the Kashayu was spicy In the video my mom tells us that if you drink this Kashaya, the coronavirus will run away, and in reply, I jokingly tell her, that I will run before Corona runs away. And for the fact, right now if I go for a medical check, they will find more Kashayu than blood in my body?. And as a tribute to her, I sing a tribute song to my mom, “Mein kabhi batlata nahi tere kashaya se darta hoon mein ma’am, youn toh kashaya pita nahin corona se bhi darta hoon.mein maa…..” added Mukund Kamath.

Speaking to Team Mangalorean, the creator of this special Kashayu Mrs Jaya Kamath, the mother of Mukund Kamath, leaking the secret ingredients of the brew said, “To make four glasses of my Kashayu Tea, you need 6 Cloves, 6 Peppercorn, 1 teaspoon Coriander, 1/2 teaspoon Jeera, 1 small Ginger, 2 teaspoons tea powder, 2 Tablespoon Jaggery, 1/2 Lemon and 900 ml water. Roast the coriander & jeera. Grind all the spices, then add the water to ground spices, add the jaggery and tea powder and bring it to a boil. Strain the Kashayu Tea and add the Lemon juice, and serve it hot. If you liked it and showed good results in you, spread the word to others and let them also enjoy the goodness of a Kashayu during this pandemic”.

Sources reveal that peppercorn aids in digestion and helps flush toxins from your body. It also breaks up mucous and phlegm and enables your body to absorb and retain more nutrition from the food you consume. Jeera is another good digestive, which helps boost immunity, treats respiratory disorders, alleviates insomnia and suppresses cough. So if you’re coughing a lot, add an extra spoon of this while brewing the Kashayu. Coriander eases digestive discomfort, lowers blood pressure, regulates proper menstrual functions and keeps neuro-degenerative diseases at bay. Ginger is anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, good for nausea, relieves muscle pain, aids digestion, lowers blood sugar, and has been known to relieve menstrual pain as effectively as Ibuprofen.

And the next time you find yourself down with a little cold, or if you’re having a bad stomach after some exceptionally bad takeout food, make yourself a cup of this, “Ammale Kashayu” created by “Kodiyalchi Amchegeli” Mrs Jaya Kamath, and promoted by “Amchegelo” Mukund Kamath, and you’ll soon be feeling as right as rain. And when you make this (which I really think you SHOULD!), be sure to share your story and photos to, and we would love to see what you cook from here! Until then, keep your body warm with some hot “Ammale Kashayu”-Cheers!

Kudos to Mukund Kamath for compiling and bringing out this tribute video to his Mom- Now we all know that Mukund Kamath, is not only a creator of unique and delicious flavours of Ideal Ice Creams, but also a Creator of Social Videos, and a Great SINGER Too!

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