Among 8 Extortionists Caught by Cops in City, the Kingpin T Sam Peter is CBI’s Most Wanted

Among 8 Extortionists Caught by Cops in City, the Kingpin T Sam Peter is CBI’s Most Wanted

 Mangaluru: On 16 August 2019, Mangaluru East Police as part of security drill directed by Police Commissioner Dr P S Harsha through reliable information that a suspicious team of possible offenders were moving around in a car with tinted glass and no license plate, intercepted the vehicle, and were successful in nabbing eight persons in that vehicle, who were alleged to be extortionists. The arrested persons were Kingpin Sam T Peter from Kerala, Mohiddin and Abdul Lathif-both from Mangaluru, Madan and Kodandaram-both from Bengaluru, T K Bhopanna from Madikeri, Chinnappa from Virajpet, and Sunil Raju from Kanakapur

Now police have revealed that Kingpin Sam T Peter, who was among the eight members of a notorious gang that posed as Officials of National Crime Investigation Bureau (NCIB) and were involved in cheating and extortion, has been listed as “International Most Wanted Criminal”by Central Bureau of Investigation. Team Mangalorean congratulates Police Commissioner Dr Harsha and his team for nabbing one of the Most Wanted Criminal – a job well done, Brave- Hearts!

Sam Peter has been on CBI’s look out list for the past 18 years, and his name “Rahul Peter”is listed in the “MOST WANTED” Interpol list from 2001 and was issued a “Red Corner Notice’ as per Police Commissioner of Mangaluru Dr P S Harsha. It is learnt that Sam Peter has several cases filed against him in Kushalnagar in Kodagu, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha and many other states. He used to pose as a wealthy, influential man and conned several people for over two decades.

Sam Peter went by several other names like- Rahul Jacob, Shyam Peter, Shyam Anthony, Rahul Peter, Jacob Rahul, among many other names he had. Having arrested last in Madhya Pradesh few years ago, however, he managed to escape from police custody and remained at large since then. Sources also reveal that Sam had a wide network of contacts in the country and also in Malaysia. Bearing a passport with an address in West Bengal, Sam used to stay for a long time in Malaysia. But after returning to India few years ago, it is learnt through investigations that he was mostly in Bengaluru and Mangaluru.

It is learnt that Sam used to mostly target persons involved in bank fraud, hawla money transfer and also tax fraud. He used to visit them posing as a senior official of Income Tax or CBI and also used to extract money from them. Sources also reveal that he had targeted a Goud Saraswat Brahmin (GSB) Pontiff, from a Math in Haridwar. In this plan, as per source, Sam was sent by an absconding person, who allegedly claims as pontiff of the same GSB Math, headquartered in Haridwar. The main aim was to blackmail orv trap the current pontiff or his close aides by finding their weakness. If it turned out to be successful, Sam would get huge sum in return and the person who sent hiums would be able to get hold of the Math operations.

The Math has filed several cases against the ‘Person’, who allegedly sent Sam Peter to carry out the operation. it is also learnt that to carry out this targeted act, Sam had roped in two Mangaloreans, namely G Mohidin, aged 70 of Kulur, and S A K Abdul Lathif, aged 59, a resident of Falnir, both in Mangaluru.

Yet another news on him is that, when he was taken to hospital for health check-up after being arrested in order to issue fitness certificate, he was able to convince the duty doctor tom issue a negative report. Sources reveal that Sam had offered a lump sum money to the doctor claiming that he has high blood pressure, however, the police who were alerted, acted quickly and were able to stop Sam’s dealing with the doctor.

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