An Aloysian, Always An Aloysian! 5 Proud Achievers Conferred with ‘Aloysian Youth ICON Alumni Awards’

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An Aloysian, Always An Aloysian! FIVE Proud Achievers Conferred ‘with ‘ALOYSIAN YOUTH ICON AWARD by their ‘Alma Mater’ St Aloysius College, Mangaluru and St Aloysius College Alumni Association (SACAA)

Mangaluru: Established in 1880 on the highest peak of Mangaluru, St Aloysius College (Autonomous) Mangaluru has created a niche for itself for imparting quality education to the youth for 143 glorious years. Presently, the college has been ranked among one of the best colleges in the country. Francis of Assisi once said, “Start by doing what’s necessary; then what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

One of the significant initiatives of St Aloysius College has been the establishment of a vibrant and dynamic alumni base in the form of St Aloysius College Alumni Association (SACAA). Which has been a pillar of support and solidarity to the management in upgrading and up-scaling the institution in all parameters of higher education. SACAA has been a catalyst in the progress of the College and one of the proactive steps was the institution of, “The Eminent Aloysian Awards”. Where distinguished alumni of the institution have been conferred with this Award in recognition of their service to society at the regional, state, national and international levels.

On Thursday 11 January 2023, as an extension of this recognition, SACAA launched another initiative to recognize young alumni achievers who have carved a niche for themselves in various fields of endeavours by instituting a unique award titled the “Aloysian Youth ICON Award” to identify and recognize young alumni with high credentials and distinctive achievements to inspire students to emulate a way of life and success. Following a prayer by the College Choir, and a mesmerizing welcome dance by St Aloysius College students, Fr Melwin J Pinto SJ, the Rector of St Aloysius Institutions along with his brother Stephen Pinto-the Convener of the event escorted the proud five Aloysian Youth Icons- Lt Col L Tony Singh; Capt Michael Saldanha; Shashank Rai; Ms Vaishnavi Pavthran; and Ms Tanvi Rao.

CAPTAIN MICHAEL SALDANHA- Commander on Air India Flight

Captain Michael Saldanha is an Air India (AI) Commander/Pilot based in Mangaluru known for his heroic efforts during Covid- 19 pandemic. He and his crew volunteered for ‘Vande Bharat Mission’ rescue flights aimed at repatriating stranded Indians from the Gulf countries despite the inherent risks and challenges. He has made Mangaloreans proud by being a part of the rescue mission, ‘Operation Ganga’ undertaken to safely bring back Indians stuck in the war-torn Ukraine.

Capt Michael Saldanha was honoured along with his Wife Dr Ashna Pinto


Lt Col Laishram Tony Singh has been an active NCC Cadet of the Army Wing of the College. His sheer hard work and commitment to the cause of fighting for the security and sovereignty of the country steadily grew to the position of Lieutenant Colonel at a very young age. He has served the Indian Army for 14 years soon to be elevated to the post of Colonel. He hails from Imphal, Manipur.


Miss Tanvi Rao is a brand ambassador for Girl Power and Women’s Empowerment. She is a child prodigy in the Performing Arts, glamour and Entertainment industry at a very young age. Besides her unmatched accolades in the field of art, she has an excellent track record in academics too. She made a classical dance tour of nine different cities in the USA at the age of 16 receiving standing ovations from the thrilled audience in all nine venues. She has been identified as an upcoming celebrity by audiences of two Kannada and one Hindi FM radio.


Shashank Rai is a young Mangalorean, who, from being a mechanical engineer working for the Karnataka State Forest Department and a proud alumnus of St Aloysius College has won a multitude of laurels for his country, especially in the field of Basketball. His winning streak started right from St Aloysius College as he created history by leading his team as the only team from Dakshina Kannada to win the State Championship He is the proud recipient of the Gold Medal at the South Asia Basketball Championship, Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Ms Vaishnavi Pavithran is currently a diplomat at the United Nations Children’s Education Fund (UNICEF) in Geneva, Switzerland. She is a topper at PU level with a whopping 400/400 results. After her studies at the prestigious Sri Ram College of Commerce in Delhi, she emerged as the topper of her class at the Ivy League world-renowned Sciences Po University. She was one of the youngest to be offered a job at the United Nations World Food Programme at its headquarters in Rome. She has been deployed to multiple locations and has supported operations in Kenya, South Sudan and Rwanda.

Other dignitaries seated on the dais were Fr Clifford Sequeira SJ, Principal St Aloysius PU College, Rev Dr Praveen Martis SJ-Principal, St Aloysius College; SACAA President Sunil Kunder; Dr Alwyn D’Sa-Registrar of the College, among others. Stephen J Pinto welcomed the audience. There are some achievers in our society whose personalities reflect the form of power, energy, and enthusiasm they carry. Today five achievers stood tall as Aloysian Youth ICONs who have not only attained excellence in their distinctions but also contributed to society in a significant way besides inspiring current students through their exemplary values and today SACAA wanted to acknowledge and celebrate their success.

The first Aloysian ICON to be awarded was Lt Colonel Laishram Tony Singh with his citation read Archibald Menezes of SACAA; next was Shashank Rai and the citation read Dr Dinesh Nayak, Dean HR, SAC; Ms Tanvi Rao with citation read Dr Zeena The Mendonca The, The The HOD The Dept of Commerce, SAC; Ms Vaishnavi Pavithran with citation read by Dr Aarthi Prakash Shanbhag, Associate Prof and Deputy Controller of Examination, SAC; and Capt Michael Saldanha, who was honoured along with his wife talented and beautiful Dr Ashna Pinto, a Dermatologist at Kaya Skin Clinic Bangalore. (daughter of Dr Allan and Vijaya Pinto, hailing from the famous Coffee Planter Pinto family of Mangalore) with citation read N G Mohan-member SAC.)

After being awarded the prestigious ICON Awards, all five achievers expressed their gratitude for their success and for what they are now, to the Jesuit priests, St Aloysius Institution, and Teaching and non-teaching staff, among others, which was followed by a group photo with the St Aloysius Management, SACAA team, achievers family members, for memory keepsake. Juries who were responsible for selecting the right Aloysian Icons name- Gerald Colaco, an Investment advisor and a well-known CA; Mrs Meera L B Aranha- Professor & Chairperson MBA-BKFS a dedicated banker with 30 years of experience in banking; and. Allen C A Pereira -who was appointed Managing Director of Bank of Maharashtra and the executive director of Oriental Bank of Commerce.

Speaking on the occasion, Rev Dr Praveen Martis SJ said, “This is an unprecedented event in the history of 143 years of St Aloysius Institutions, and we are proud that these five Aloysians have achieved great at such a young age. They have accomplished success in their career in a true Aloysian spirit, showing that ‘An Aloysian, Always an Aloysian’. These Icons are the true role models for our young students to come into their lives and achieve success. They have made all of us proud. They were grateful to us, and so we are also grateful to \them. When they dedicated this award to their teachers, it made me feel happy. When we see such talented students coming out of this Jesuit college, it melts our hearts.”

Rector Fr Melwin Pinto SJ in his Presidential address said, ” These days we see our young Aloysians hitting the headlines of their achievements, among them we have these five Aloysian Icons. I feel proud to say they have brought glory and pride to our institution. Magis (pronounced “màh-gis”) is a Latin word that means “more” or “greater”, and “for the greater glory of God”, the motto of the Society of Jesus. Magis refers to the philosophy of doing more for Christ and therefore doing more for others. And I am sure these five achievers will never STOP but will continue to do more and reach further greater heights. The success of these young Malaysians truly touched my heart, when they narrated their saga in their lives, and their efforts have given them a great price”.

Quoting Dallas Claton “It’s never too late to start something new, to do all those things that you’ve been longing to do.” And these 5 Aloysian Icons will go ahead and achieve more in the future years. Today these five people have become testimony to show us that achievements can be made on a huge scale. Many personalities have achieved so much in very little time, and of course, most of them cannot achieve what they achieved, but if you put in 100%, you’ll achieve it.” added Rector.

“Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgiving, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings’, to express gratitude Sunil Kundar, the President of SACAA, always brought charm and liveliness with her meticulous and professional compering was Dr Mona Mendonca, Assistant Professor and Head, Dept of History, SAC. In conclusion, To the young achievers, your accomplishments shine brightly, inspiring all of us to reach for our aspirations. May you continue to dream big, work hard, and make a positive impact on the world. Congratulations on your well-deserved success, and may your journey be filled with continued triumphs and meaningful contributions.

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