Annamalai Fake Audio Gone Viral, Voice Found to be of Venugopal

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Chikkamagaluru: An audio recording being circulated in the social media in connection with the suspension of Malpe Police constable Prakash, Superintendent of Police Chikkamagaluru Annamalai has issued a clarification to the media that the voice in the audio was not his and has requested not to circulate that audio in his name.

In a statement, Annamalai clarified, “Recently an audio clipping of 13:45 minutes duration in which a disgruntled policeman of Malpe Police Station, Udupi District is found to be in a conversation with an unknown person was widely being circulated in the WhatsApp and other social media. For some unknown reasons one of the voice in this audio is being attributed to me”.

It is clear that some miscreants are trying to highlight SP Annamalai abusing some politician and senior police officer of Udupi district in the said audio clipping. This audio clipping has been widely circulated in the social media and has gone viral.

After careful analysis of the said audio clipping, it is found that the 13:45-minute audio is a telephonic conversation between a Udupi District Police Constable, who is currently in service and Shashidhar Venugopal, a former Policeman, who runs an unauthorized police association. The said audio clipping has also been uploaded by Shashidhar Venugopal in his Facebook profile using Sound Cloud Application on April 8 at 2:31 pm.

“In this regard, I have also spoken with the Udupi Police Constable who is allegedly in this conversation and he has confirmed that the audio clip in question was a telephonic conversation between him and Shashidhar Venugopal”, said Annamalai

He also clarified, “In the past when I had worked in Udupi district as SP the current district minister Pramod Madhwaraj along with other political leaders had provided their full support to carry out my duties without any interference. I hold all of them in very high esteem and I continue to maintain the same cordial relationship with them irrespective of party affiliations”.

“I hereby clarify that the voice in the audio clipping is not mine and I request all to immediately stop sharing/circulating this audio clipping in WhatsApp or any other social media platforms. Legal action will be initiated if any person is found to be sharing circulating this audio clipping with the intention of misusing my name”, added Annamalai

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