Anupama Shenoy launches new party, Bharatiya Janashakti Congress

Anupama Shenoy launches new party, Bharatiya Janashakti Congress

Ballari: Bharatiya Janashakti Congress is the new political party launched by Anupama Shenoy, former Deputy Superintendent of Police, at Kudligi in Ballari district on Wednesday.

Ms. Shenoy, who served in Kudligi sub-division, was abruptly transferred, allegedly for not attending a call from the then district in-charge Minister P.T. Parmeshwar Naik and also for taking on the liquor lobby head-on. Though she was reinstated, she chose to resign and had announced the launch of a new political party of her own.

On Wednesday, Ms. Shenoy, accompanied by a group of people, offered tributes to the ashes of Mahatma Gandhi and came out in a procession to Panchacharya Kalyan Mantap to launch the party.

Speaking on the occasion, she said that apart from fighting against corruption and ensuring rule of law, her party would encourage youths with leadership qualities to come to the forefront.

Darur Purushotamgouda, President of Ballari-based Tungabhadra Raitha Sangha, Rajashekar Mulali, of Ballari-based Anna Foundation, were among others present.

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Zamaanat zaft hone ke siwa aur kuch nahin honewaalaa. Deposit kalkollo aase ashittadare sari.

Adv. Wg. Cdr. Vasant Narayan Deshmukh (Retd.)

।। श्री स्वामी समर्थ ।। Respected M\s Anupama Shenoy Madam Namaskara With Full Regards Madam, 1. I am Adv. Wg. cdr. Vasant Narayan Deshmukh (Retd.) staying at White House R.T. Nagar, Bengaluru. Though I have registered as an Advocate in 1996, I have never practised law simpoly because i refused to be a ” LIAR”. I congratulate you for your bold decision to launch a Party. If you permit me Madam I would like to suggest to you to make ” Creation of Crime & Corruption less Karnataka First and then our Bharat Too. I have written an article titled… Read more »