Appearances before public are frightening: Big B

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Mumbai, June 1 (IANS) Amitabh Bachchan has faced the camera with conviction for over four decades, but the megastar says he still experiences stage fright.

“Appearances before the public are even more frightening. Particularly when asked to perform or present or speak on occasion. The thought of not being misjudged, of not making error, of wanting to engage and leave soon, is what creeps into the mind,” Big B posted on his blog

The cine icon, who regaled filmgoers as a Bengali father in “Piku” also posted a family photograph with son Abhishek, daughter-in-law Aishwarya Rai and his grand daughter Aaradhya greeting the Sunday well wishers.

The star went on to analyse the reason behind stage fright, saying that “no books in the world could teach the art of speaking in public” as it seeps in with experience.

“Some thrive at the situation. Some are petrified of it. It is not an easy task to present yourself, and seem to come out an accomplished individual…the people are there to express love, and that should have been enough to give comfort to our mind and beings. But it does not always happen.

“A preparation is gone into when making that step up. Impromptu works too, but then we must all be a well oiled and prepared machine that can at the drop of a hat begin to speak and never stop almost. That is difficult and tough. And no books in the world could teach us the art of speaking in public, or articulating points of sense,” he further shared.

The actor, known for films like “Deewaar”, “Agneepath”, “Sholay”, “Don” and “Black”, pointed out that he still has goosebumps before coming in front of his audience.

“So just like Aaradhya, would I be scared to present myself before an audience…YES…YES I would even at this age and date…there could be reasons for it, and they may never be disclosed…but there,” he said.

Meanwhile, the actor is prepping up for “Wazir”, which also stars Farhan Akhtar.

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