As Shakthinagar was Sealed-Down, Even the 15 Konkani Culture Sculptures of Kalaangann Wore Face Masks?

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As Shakthinagar was Sealed-Down, Even the 15 Konkani Culture Sculptures of Kalaangann Wore Face Masks?

As Shakthinagar Vicinity was Sealed-Down, even the 15 Konkani Culture Sculptures of Mandd Sobhann Kalaangann located at Shakthinagar, in the outskirts of the City Wore Face Mask , to bring awareness among the residents to follow guidelines of Covid-19, to wear face masks, follow Social Distancing, during lockdown. Kudos to Louis Pinto-the President of Mandd Sobhann/Kalaagann for this unique idea!

Mangaluru: In this present era of cement sculpture, it has grown enormously from realistic to abstraction to a contemporary style. Sculptures are many forms like subject oriented, expression or tradition or contemporary based and much more. Trendily contemporary style is given more significance because of high expressional value. Every concept comprises artist’s view and thoughts on the subject. Site Specific is one among the concepts which is applied more in sculptures nowadays. Site-specific sculptures are the only sculptures which bring the importance of the space from where it emerges and it is installed.

The 15 cement artworks which depict various Konkani communities, were created by 20 artisans deputed by Karnataka Shilpakala Academy which were inaugurated on 7 August 2016 by Mahadevappa Shambhulingappa Shilpi, president of Karnataka Shilpakala Academy, along with Roy Castelino, then president of Karnataka Konkani Sahitya Academy, Louis J Pinto, president of Mandd Sobhann, Eric Ozario-Gurkar of Mandd Sobhann and Indramma H V, registrar of Karnataka Shilpakala Academy. (Ref: 15 Konkani Culture Sculptures Add Glamour To Kalaangann ) While looking at these sculptures even today, they appear to be so lively, with everyone going “Wow” over the arts. These artworks look so beautiful, having an artistic value.

Sculptures as seen before Sealed-Down at Kaalangann-Shakthinagar

Making such sculptures is not an easy job, it needs concentration, dedication, and commitment . These 15 sculptures depicting Konkani cultures were liked by everyone who visits Kalaangann. These artisans with all their talents and experience to make perfect sculptures have simply impressed the viewers. During the process of creating these statues, care was taken to mix the exact amount of sand along with cement. The artisans took all the extra care to make sure that there is a firm and steady hand movement as the cement e-tech which cannot be reversed. These statues have a chance of lasting for 100 years if the curing has been done properly”.

Sculptures as seen during Sealed-Down at Kaalangann-Shakthinagar

Couple of days, when it was found that two more people, one patient and her son, who were admitted as inpatients in the First Neuro hospital at Padil in the city have tested positive for coronavirus on Monday, April 27, and were residents in the vicinity of Kulshekar/Shakthinagar, the local authorities had sealed down Mugrodi area in Shaktinagar after news about these two people testing positive had started making rounds. The woman, who is 80-years-old was getting treated for some ailment in the First Neuro hospital in Padil and her 45-year-old son was with her to look after her. Her room was next to the one where a 75-year-old woman from Bantwal who was tested positive for coronavirus later, was admitted.

Both the woman and her son are residents of Kulshekar/Shakthinagar in the city. It might be noted that on Sunday, April 26, one more woman, who was employed as sweeper in the same ward in First Neuro hospital, had tested positive for coronavirus. Now three people had got infected due to the 75-year-old lady who died in the hospital on April 23. The hospital is sealed down on April 23 itself. More than 200 people, including 190 hospital staff are being checked for coronavirus. So far all are in quarantine. On April 19, the first coronavirus death case was reported in the district of Dakshina Kannada in the form of the 50-year-old woman from Bantwal. The second one to succumb was her mother-in-law, who was 75-years-old. Later two of their neighbours were also admitted to the hospital for the same infection.

So far the coronavirus positive cases in Dakshina Kannada district have increased to 21. Out of this 12 people have got discharged, two have died and seven people are under treatment. And as reports just came in, yet another 65-year-old died this evening ( 30 April) of Covid-19 at Wenlock Hospital. (Ref: DK Reports Third COVID-19 Death of 65-Year-Old Woman ). And while the government and district administration has been stressing on people to follow the safe guidelines of Covid-19 during this pandemic, but many being ignorant are abusing the guidelines, by not following social distancing or wearing face masks.

In order to bring awareness among the residents in the vicinity of Shakthinagar/Kulshekar, the dynamic and energetic President of Mandd Sobhann Loius Pinto came out with a unique idea by placing face masks on all these 15 sculptures at Kalaagann, to show that if Sculptures can wear the face masks, humans also should do it. Quite unique and impressive-kudos to Louis Pinto and his Kalaangann team- a job well done!

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