Back To School

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Residing in the Gulf for the past 10 years has taught me one thing for sure: Enjoy your drive on the roads during the summer holidays ONLY!

For the last 2 months, I would zoom in my car at 120 on the highway. I would enjoy my ride to work, listening to the lovely radio and singing to myself, oblivious to my surroundings while doing so. However, I cannot do that anymore! I wait for the next summer holidays eagerly.

Today I came rushing into my office, half an hour late! Thanks to three bumper accidents on the road. Praise God no one was injured. As the days near closer to the re-opening of schools after a long summer break, I dread the drive each day to work. Back to School brings to mind the phrase: “Early to bed and early to rise makes Jack healthy, wealthy and wise”. However, for me it only brings sad memories of waking up early, swearing at the poor alarm clock that keeps blaring right into my ears, those long traffic jams etc. etc. Another big question: What will my kid take today in her Tiffin box? Now with the schools requesting parents to pack in nutritious foods for the kids (which is a very good thought), no more quick fixes will have to be done. Wow! I guess we, as parents will have our hands full. God help those with full time jobs!

Of course, many mommies are laughing and smiling all the way to the schools. Why? Because they are relieved to have some time for themselves while their kids are away at schools. Phew! What a relief! But do we bother to realize that our parents went through the same when we were kids? Or do we satisfy ourselves saying “when we were kids, we were very good kids” Everyday I had to make plans to think what the kids are going to do today. This is what my colleague said to me this morning. I had a smile on my face, as I know what it is like to have a kid sitting idle at home. I have a kid too, full of energy, ready to jump at the first prospect of going out of the house.  However, when kids do not have anything to do, they always glued on to the TV.  When we were kids, we had the liberty of playing with neighbors kids.  Nevertheless, here in the gulf kids are tied up inside the house.  There is no yard for them to stretch out and play.

…We parents always try to spoil our kids by giving them better things that we didn’t have…

I wonder what it feels like for a kid to go ?Back to School?.  After a long holiday, some look forward to it, some feel it is the same old boring routine of books and studying and limited playtime. Poor kids!  Did we feel the same in olden days?  Of course, we used to look forward to holidays and Saturday?s.  However, it was fun going to school as well.   I remember during rainy seasons how we used to wet ourselves so that principal will let us go home as we used to drench in the rain knowing there was no uniform to change.  No matter what, kids always love to play.  Sometimes we wonder where they get all that energy from. They are never satisfied when it comes to playtime!

For some Back to School brings fond memories of old friends and the prospect of making new friends. That goes for mommies too! Especially those who attend kitty parties can now add new friends to their kitties! Back to School promotions also surely lift up my spirits when I see those colorful and designer school bags for kids. During my school days, all I had was a brown bag that resembled nothing better than the onion bags that are sold in the supermarkets today! Children of today sure have too many choices to pick from a few.  We parents always try to spoil our kids by giving them better things that we didn’t have.  Sometimes it is competition, parents want their kids to have better things than others and we stress ourselves too much.

All said and done, ‘Back to School’ also means, back to Exams not just for the kids but for us parents too. I know of so many parents who feel that they are sitting on top of pressure cookers and more nervous than their kids appearing for exams!  Sometimes we parents oblige our kids to study hard and get A+, compare them with other kids or siblings.  We should realize that a kid can only take so much.  Not all kids are alike.  As parents we should know how smart our kids are but never compel them to be smarter than what they can handle.  It might lead to greater risk in their future and they loose self esteem since no matter how much effort they put forth, parents never get satisfied.  Especially now that we see young kids, rank holders, on the web site, we parents like our kids to be known to the world as well. 

Remember, each and every kid has a talent and it?s our parent?s responsibility to find out their talents and encourage them in their field that will help them do better.  Am sure they will shine in their respective fields and be content for their parent?s support which will help them pass on to their kids.  We shouldn?t let our kids hold their parents responsible for not succeeding in their endeavors.

Therefore, mommies, daddies, and kiddies get your act together!
We need to strive for the better!
Coz if we don’t,
The Principal will scold,
And the whole New Year will be put on hold!

Author: Ramona Pereira- UAE

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