Bajrang Dal wants Aadhaar mandatory at Dandiya to keep ‘non-Hindus’ out

Bajrang Dal wants Aadhaar mandatory at Dandiya to keep ‘non-Hindus’ out

Hyderabad: The Bajrang Dal on Saturday asked ‘Garba and Dandiya’ event organisers in Hyderabad to make Aadhaar cards mandatory for those taking part in the celebrations during the Navratri festivities to check entry of those belonging to “non-Hindu communities.” The outfit asked organisers to make Aadhaar cards mandatory at the entry spot “to detect non-Hindus entering venues.” In an open letter to the organisers, it claimed during the past couple of years, non-Hindu youths were entering such events and misbehaving with women participants.

Such youths also manhandle men who come to the rescue of the alleged victims, it claimed.

“Also, the said miscreants used these events as places to trap innocent girls and thus leading to Love-Jihad cases,” it said.

Event organizers should also avoid employing “non-Hindu bouncers,” it said.

“Teams of Bajrang Dal karyakarthas will be present at the venues and if any such case is reported, immediate action would be taken to stop the miscreants from entering,which might lead to the disruption of the whole event,” the letter said.

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Though seems like a regressive move, on a second thought this is much better than skirmishes and violence later. Also, now the organizers cannot blame ‘others’ for any incidents inside.