Baliga Murder – Fingers Pointed at Yuva Brigade Leader

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Mangaluru: The case of RTI activist Vinayak Pandurang Baliga’s murder near PVS Kalakunj in the morning hours of Mar 21 appears to have taken a new turn.

While the police are sure that it was a revenge act for his expose on wrong-doings of some powerful persons and institutions. It was certainly a case of supari or contract killing.

Two persons have been taken into custody and more arrests are likely to follow. In the interest of the smooth conduct of investigations, no further details are being revealed.

However, informed sources revealed that the police have stumbled upon a clear clue regarding the possible involvement of a leader of the Yuva Brigade. Police teams from Barke and Bunder stations, led by inspector Rajesh, went over his house behind Vithoba temple in Dhanvantari Nagar off Car Street at late night on Monday, Mar 28.

He was not present at home at that point. The police team returned after leaving instructions to appear in the police station for an enquiry the next day. The Yuva Brigade leader was involved in the affairs of a prominent and prestigious community temple in Car Street.

Baliga is said to have tracked down the irregularities in the temple management by way of a series of RTI applications. This piece of information was first published by a leading Kannada news portal two days ago.

Mysteriously, after a few hours, the news was withdrawn from the portal, allegedly under pressure, according to sources.

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  1. Hey Rampa,

    Is the alleged murderer’s first name – “Yuva”, middle name – ‘Brigade” and family name – “Leader”? 😉

    Mangu, do you concur?

  2. US-rejected, Saudi -returned Praveena Pinto,
    Let police do their job and find all culprits. Why is there a rush to jujudgment even before knowing all the facts? Yuva or parabba leader – I’m for justice unlike your dishonest beef club.

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