Ban ‘The Da Vinci Code’ And Its Likes!

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There are a number of people who want to fuel  a religious controversy and create trouble among the followers. They will never rest until a calamity is created. They know in their deepest of minds, that they will definitely amass wealth. In this world, anything which is to be avoided will be consumed more! Any negative publicity is also great publicity. Yeah, I am coming to it. The same old issue of ‘Dan Brown’s ‘novel! I did not find it interesting, so I threw it half way. It is sheer blasphemy! The media is the culprit. They over publicize it. So since two years the topic is on every one’s lips. But, for the Christian people to protest, it had be made into a  movie! This is surprising..Indeed!

The book could have been banned long ago. It has made a sale of 50 million dollars. Even, in Bombay Times (very surprising, as their another product is named ‘Mumbai Mirror’ and Bombay Times is still called by its same name!!) many a journalists and ex-editors and columnists like Shobha De and other celebs were discussing “The Da Vinci Code”! But, our catholic religious heads were caught napping at that time. The ban should have been on the book itself right in the beginning. Similar to the  ban, Muslims whole over the world  evoked  on ‘Salman Rushdie’s’ novel ‘Satanic Versus’. The Iranian fatwa was recently taken back. Dan Brown has written fiction, as he claims,  but how does the man on the street know that?

It is us, who are to be blamed. We wake up very late. The movie was in the making since a year. Tom Hanks, the lead actor has been taking digs on our  religious heads. He even exclaimed that this movie  will bring Catholics to the church in hordes. As per his words, He said “If one says, lets pray and discuss the bible, very few people  will turn up, but, if one says, let us get together and discuss ‘The Da Vinci Code’, people will turn up in large numbers! How blasphemous one could get! Tom hanks will become popular, No doubt he is a very good actor. I have seen his ‘Saving Private Ryan, and cried in the climax,  which was  of his death scene. He is a great performer. His ‘Cast Away’ and ‘Forrest Gump, Road to Perdition, Bachelor Party, Catch me if you can, Sleepless in Seattle, You Have Got Mail etc are a movie connoisseur’s delight! But, that does not give him right to act in a blasphemous movie.

Vatican should have intervened long back! We are a peace loving community. The producers of the movie and the author of the book need to be  punished. The author has made his millions for his dastardly, Satan influenced act and the producers (Sony Corp) are cashing in on the adverse publicity of the book and trying to  make their billions!

The Christian  community has to take to the streets. There  should be a ban on this movie  forever. Also a movie produced by a hitherto unknown small time producer who is trying to cash in on the euphoria and releasing ‘Yogendra Konkar’ directed English movie” Tickle my funny bone”! The Christians in Mumbai city have succeeded in pulling down the provocative posters at Bandra and else where in the city. But, still the famed Mademoiselle Sharmila Tagore does not have any shame left. She is quoted as she does not see any problems in giving a censor certificate to both the controversial movies! Her husband, Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi and son Saif Ali Khan  are the country’s biggest wild life poachers and are currently out on bail. She did not see that as a problem  when the duo were arrested. Mrs. Maneka Gandhi from the ‘Animal Welfare Board gave her a mouthful recently. Still, Sharmila has not come to her  senses!! Her position reportedly was given to her by the CPI(M) and  ‘Budha’  Government of West Bengal, by arbitrarily snatching it  from the ever popular actor ‘Anupam Kher’! People have not forgotten that. Harkishen Singh Surjit, the old communist war horse is allegedly the culprit! As per reports the lady is now on a foreign tour.

Asha Parekh, Shakti Samant Saab, Vijay Anand were few among  the  best  Censor Board Chiefs the country had. This irresponsible lady can not be entrusted with a serious and responsible job as that  of a Censor Board Chief in the world’s biggest democracy like us. We have many a trusts and programmes from the government’s end to protect minority rights and to protect religious beliefs. Mr. Antulay, the central Minister for Minority Affairs need to intervene, and also the Congress Chief Mrs. Sonia Gandhi. It is a matter of serious consequences for Christian faith. All Christians should unite and see that such evil and blasphemous movies do not see the light of the day. Hope every one is listening!

Author: Donald DSilva- Mumbai

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