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Sunday, March 29, 2020

Ban ‘The Da Vinci Code’ And Its Likes!

There are a number of people who want to fuel  a religious controversy and create trouble among the followers. They will never rest until...

Idiot Box Scores…And How?

It was more or less expected. Those days are gone when a Bollywood star will look down upon telly stars as children of lesser...

Star Siblings – Friends Or Foes?

I over heard a starlet while attending one of the shoots at Film City some time back. "These star sisters?uff, they are a pain...

Bollywood’s New Sirens

We have witnessed earlier, we are witnessing now. It is no surprise. After all an actor is a human being. He or She has...

The First Family Of Bollywood

Any business one takes or any game, industry one mentions, there is always a first. We have the Nehrus/ Gandhis as the first family...

Bollywood And Politicians – The Unholy Nexus

Acting and politics go hand in hand too!! Lalu , if not a politician would have been a bollywood comedian. Same goes to Mulayam...

Bollywood’s Mafia Connection!

Both have profound similarities, even a blind can announce from the rooftops!! Each and every individual born on mother earth craves for name and...

Celebs And Drugs – Made For Each Other

It seldom happens in Mumbai, that anyone would raise his eyebrows on a bonding like this! It?s a forgone conclusion that where there are...

Religion Bashing….

Bollywood movies need controversies. They need sensationalism to provoke people. To generate mass hysteria! They can be assured of box office collections. But, some...

Mumbai Beat

Well, Mumbai is house to Diamond Merchants, Famous jewelers, textile Tycoons, Great Industrialists, Famous writers, Popular Politicians and also the infamous underworld. But, when...

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