Bantwal: A Gesture with a Vision – Mishap Victim’s Eyes Donated by Parents

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Bantwal: The parents of the young man are engaged in the field of education. He was their only son.


Anyone can imagine their grief when his life was lost in a road mishap on Wednesday, June 3 evening, Yet, in the middle of shock and distress, the parents took an immensely humanitarian decision – to donate their son’s eyes so that one or two needy persons can see the light of the world.

The remarkable gesture on the part of Nityananda Poojary, a field resource official in the department of public instruction and Sunita, a teacher in Ramakrishna High School in Puttur, to donate the eyes of their son whose life could not be saved has been widely appreciated by everyone.

They reside in Pejatrodi Keddalike of Kavalamudur village in Bantwal taluk. Their only son Sunil Dhanush was a second-year student of Vivekananda College, Puttur. They all had attended a function at a relative’s house in Balepuni in Bantwal taluk earler in the afternoon.

Dhanush was on his way back to Kavalamudur riding his bike. As he reached Barkatta Madhva of Kavalapadur on Bantwal-Beltangady stretch of the highway, the bike collided head-on with a lorry, which was speeding from the opposite direction.

Dhanush was thrown off the bike and was critically injured. The residents of the neighbourhood rushed him to a hospital but he died immediately thereafter.

Police teams arrived from Bantwal and Punjalkatte and cleared the traffic jam. A team of doctors from KSHEMA hospital had arrived late in the night to collect and preserve the victim’s eyes according to the parents’ wish.


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  1. What a noble gesture on the part of Sunitha and Nityananda Poojary to donate the eyes of there only son Dhanush who lost his life due to an accident

    The name of the parents and the young man will go down history as some one see through the eyes of DHANUSH.

    Kudos to the bold and noble parents of GOODWILL.

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