Bantwal: Students of Diamond Int’l School Get ‘Water Bell’ Breaks

Bantwal: Students of Diamond Int’l School Get ‘Water Bell’ Breaks

Bantwal: Students of Montessori and lower levels tend to spend long hours in classes, while learning lessons from morning until afternoon, with a brief intermission for lunch in between.

In order that this would not affect their health and body system, the Diamond International School management has now introduced ‘Fruit, Vegetable and Water Bell’. The school is located in Talapadi, near B C Road here.

This enables the students to keep their energy levels up with suitable intake two times a day.

At the sound of the bell, the classes get a break and the students have a go at their water flasks, fruits and vegetables they bring from home.

The Diamond institutions are committed to the motto of creating and contributing active and energetic youth to the nation.

The teachers have given the students lectures on the importance of water and its role in the human body.

As part of this mission, informative talks were given by headmistress Kavitha Salyan and also Girish Kamath on the importance, necessity and advantages of having a water bell. Benefits of eating nutritious fruits daily by the students were stressed under the expert advice of Prof M Abubaker, secretary, Diamond International School.

All the students have promised to drink more water and also conserve water by avoiding wastage.

Many parents have appreciated this campaign, which is aimed at keeping their children in good health. It was based on their observation that starving for long hours results in health issues among children.

From Ashiq Kukkaje