Basheer’s Body taken for Burial to Kuloor

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Basheer’s Body taken for Burial to Kuloor

Mangaluru: The body of Basheer has been taken for final rites to his residence from A J Hospital to Akash Bhavan here on January 7.

Afer the post-mortem the relatives and friends viewed the body at the A J Mortuary. Later the body was taken to Akash Bhavan by the Hospital ambulance.

Police commissioner T R Suresh, DCP law and order Hanumantharaya, ACP Uday Nayak and other police officers were present at the Mortuary.

Speaking to MLA Moideen Bava said, “Basheer and Deepak were innocent but they were brutally killed. The government has immediately sanctioned Rs 10 lakh each to Deepak and Basheer’s family. Many people questioned me whether we should go in a procession but I convinced them not to hold any procession since it would not bring Basheer back. Instead, we need to pray for his family.”

MLA Bava further said, “I have requested the family members to come home or to the Mosque to view the body. When Basheer was assaulted, Hindu brothers from Akash Bhavan admitted him to the hospital. When Deepak was killed, I was in Delhi. As soon as I heard the news, I came back and visited Deepak’s family and I also visited Mubashir and Basheer in the hospital. The accused in Deepak’s murder have been arrested by our daring police officers Rafiq and Shantharam. During the search operations, the police officers shot the accused in the legs. Instead, they should have shot them in the head because they do not have any right to live on this earth by snatching the life of others. While former District Minister In-charge Palemar while visited the mortuary he said, when BJP was in power no such incidents had occurred but after the Congress came to power many have been killed. But from the past 4 years and 8 months, I have tried my best to avoid any untoward incidents from taking place. We are all living in harmony. For political gains, the opposition is creating problems. Basheer was in the ICU when Palemar had come to the AJ Mortuary to see Deepak’s body. He did not visit Basheer or Mubhassir who were attacked by anti-social elements. One should not play politics on dead bodies.”

When asked why innocent people have been killed, Moideen Bava said, “It is sad that innocent people from both the communities have been killed. Police have arrested 8 persons in Deepak and Basheer’s murder case. We need to find out who behind them and supporting the accused to commit crimes. The police should take stern action against the accused.”

Muslim community leader Masood said, “The government should monitor those crossing the border and committing crime in our district. The Coastal region should be monitored and we all should join hands to stop such crimes from taking place. I pray for Deepak and Basheer’s families since both were innocent were brutally killed.”

Senior Congress leader, Ibrahim Kodijal said, “Two innocent people have been killed and I pray for their souls. Let all the people forget caste, creed and religion and strive hard to maintain peace, harmony and brotherhood in the society.”

SDPI leader Jalil Krishnapur said, “In connection to the Deepak and Basheer murder case, 8 people have been arrested by the police. Those who are behind the murder should be exposed. In DK, there have been many murders; the MPs from DK and Udupi were giving inciting statements on the murders but today they have disappeared. Saffron goons from Kerala come and kill innocent people. There are many forces who try to spoil the peace in the district. The accused in both Deepak and Basheer’s murder are notorious rowdies and should be severely punished. Those who are funding these accused should be exposed and punished. The accused are involved in various murder cases and the government should take this seriously. The government has sanctioned Rs 10 lakh compensation but we demand the government to give Rs 50 lakh compensation to the families.”

The body will be taken to Akash Bhavan for viewing and later will be taken to Kuloor Juma Masjid for burial. Basheer’s son Irfan has boarded the flight from Dubai and will reach Mangaluru at around 6 pm for the final rites.

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6 years ago

I strongly feel there is a need to remove all buntings hanging and big religious hoarding hanging in public places. This should be made illegal by the supreme court. By doing this we can have lot of peace of mind .Just see the bunting near padil to bantwal one community wants to outwit the other. ne community wants to put their flag higher than the other….but why do it on publi road….