‘Beach Rejuvenation Army’ Calls for Volunteers to CLEAN UP Tannirbhavi Beach on Sunday 18 Oct

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‘Beach Rejuvenation Army’ Calls for Volunteers to CLEAN UP Tannirbhavi Beach on Sunday 18 Oct

  • ‘Beach Rejuvenation Army’ founded by Damodar Hegde and Ganesh Nayak Mulki from Mangaluru, calls for VOLUNTEERS to CLEAN UP TANNIRBHAVI BEACH on SUNDAY 18 OCTOBER from 6.30 am onwards. BE A VOLUNTEER FOR A GOOD CAUSE & MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Mangaluru : Now we have an Army in town, who call them the “BEACH REJUVENATION ARMY ” comprising a group of young minds that consider the Earth to be their home, and believe that there is no alternative planet. Their aim is to see that the beaches in and around Mangaluru are clean and safe, So, it’s nice to note that the beaches of Mangaluru aka Kudla have this dedicated and committed army of young people to protect them. The ‘Beach Rejuvenation Army’ was founded by two youths, namely Damodar Hegde and Ganesh Mulky- and now the Army has nearly 100 volunteers/members in doing community service, by cleaning beaches.
The beach is a great workout location; fresh air, lots of space, plenty of free vitamin D. With the similar thought, two good friends planned their workout routine at Tannirbhavi Beach, but that fine day on 22nd September 2020 the moment they stepped on to the sea shore the reality hit them very hard, with all that enthusiasm they visited the beach, stood still, made them realize the change comes from the moment they decide to take a step towards gathering that zeal back by transforming the shore from those filled with unwanted stuffs to what really belongs there.

L-R : Mohammed Shafak, Damodar Hegde and Ganesh Nayak Mulky

And that’s it, as The Alchemist rightly said “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it” the same happens.

The two fellow mates, Damodar Hegde and Ganesh MulkY Nayak just desperately wished for the universe, and the rest is all history. Nevertheless social media is kind of a boon at times, the same platform was used to upload a live video on the situation at the beach, the moment before they started to clean-which received a lot of public attention from different parts of Mangaluru, and outside too. Did nature stop it here? No, they brought them with many volunteers around the city to join hands with them. However each one of their efforts are commendable in their own way. From day one to day 25th there have been a lot of changes, which was only possible from taking that very first step at a right time by the two.

However, segregation of waste is being done in a systematic manner and follow up has been monitored. There were many who turned up to raise monetary support as they could not be physically present for the cause. Some glass wastes like glass bottles are being preserved for the reuse of the same into pieces of art. Those who are interested in making the best of these wastes can contact either of them. Every day’s routine starts with reporting at 6:30 am and after general instructions and days plan, they carry on the cleaning and segregation work for about an hour or half an hour extra. Every day there will be some thing or the other to take away the piece of lesson for the day not from any one but self experience at the beach, which made many volunteers to re post the efforts and feel satisfied about their self and team and to inspire others.

Gradually it caught the attention of many, under the name “Beach Rejuvenation Army”, which was successful in launching a logo, flag of their own and also an instagram page with all the updates. Recently young YouTubers Shafaq Mohammed aka ‘Shafak Indian’ and Teddy blogger approached them and made all the efforts of the team go viral and worth talking about. Therefore, Every Sunday, The Beach Rejuvenation Army welcomes the willing individuals who are available on the weekend to join them in the morning as part of a workout yet cleaning with Vitamin Sea.

“Already for the mess we have created we are all collectively responsible. Let us not point fingers at each other instead start taking steps. Come on for what are you waiting for. We as the Beach Rejuvenation army have been doing our bit and it’s just a beginning. Because Every beginning comes from some other beginning’s end” said Damodar and Ganesh- the initiators of the Beach Rejuvenation Army.

It was a year ago that Damodar Hegde, a model from Bengaluru, realized the importance of clean beaches, after he sustained an injury, when a piece of glass from a broken liquor bottle pierced his foot during a morning walk by the seashore. Soon after this, Hegde with the help of his cousin Ganesh Mulky Nayak, launched an online campaign via social media, for a dedicated Beach Rejuvenation Army for beaches, to preserve and protect the beaches of Mangaluru. Though the response was initially very poor, at present, the army has more than 1000 followers, of which more than 100 unite every day, to clean beach stretches voluntarily.

Speaking to Team Mangalorean, Damodar Hegde said, “During our morning walk, we found trash including syringes, broken bottles and plastic bags sully the purity of beaches. Further, on September 22 last year, I sustained an injury, when a piece of glass pierced my foot. The next day, we posted a live video on social media, and commenced a cleanliness drive, which included a 30-minute workout and 30 minutes of cleaning. Within a week, we received a response from 6-7 people, and at present we have nearly 1000 people interested in taking part in our Beach Rejuvenation Army drives, and most of the participants are students and people who work” .

Also speaking to Team Mangalorean, Ganesh Mulky Nayak, a motivational speaker, said, “We have not invited anyone, but all of them have joined us voluntarily. We have carried out drives continuously in the past 21 days. Due to Covid-19 pandemic, we have been taking extra care that the participants are divided into many groups of 25 members, and they are assigned to clean various stretches. Many clubs and organizations also have been contacting us, expressing their willingness to join our drive. Our next cleanliness drive will be tomorrow Sunday, 18 October from 6.30 am onwards at the Tannirbhavi Beach”.

And now these two young men have a friend whose name is Mohammad Shafaq from Mangaluru, a videographer by profession known as ‘Shafaq Indian’, as a youtuber /instagram promoter, thereby trying to get as many volunteers in helping clean the beaches. “I am trying to be a positive content creator. Why? Because as we all know, we have seen enough hate news everywhere we go and most of the news we get is always something tragic and heartbreaking and because of this particular reason people like Damodar Hegde and Ganesh Nayak Mulky’s hard work for the community and our country are not published and spread”.

“It’s been just four months since I started making videos. The main goal of my work is to bring Indians together and unite for the well being of the country by spreading positive information in an entertaining manner, I believe that today, that these two young persons, joined by me, working together hopefully, there will be a day when we are 2 million by spreading positive information in an entertaining manner. “The reason I have selected the name ‘SHAFAQ INDIAN’- Is that India doesn’t talk about One Religion, One Color or One Society. But it’s the many types of flowers together makes it a very beautiful garden



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