Bejai Parish Members Condemn Derogatory Remarks posted on FaceBook by Two Parishioners

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Bejai Parish Members Condemn Derogatory Remarks posted on FaceBook by Two Parishioners

 Bejai Parish Members Condemn Derogatory Remarks posted on FaceBook by Two Parishioners- And in Response the Two Parishioners have also given their Clarification to Team Mangalorean

Mangaluru : Addressing the media persons during a press meet held by couple of St Francis Xavier Church members, where Levot D’souza, the Ward Representative of Mother Teresa Ward ( Bejai Parish) said, ” Ms. Juliet Lobo aged about 81 years was a spinster and was staying alone in her house located at Anegundi 4th Cross, Bejai, Mangaluru, in the Mother Teresa Ward (MTW) . Just before her demise during the last phase of her life she became quite sick. As she was residing alone, the nearby neighbours made arrangements to provide her with food and water. On 7th September 2019, Ms Lobo was found to be in quite a serious medical condition”

“As there was no immediate family member available at her side, the ward in-charge (Gurkar of MTW) Ms. Leena Pinto was contacted, and she along with representatives of the church ward visited Ms Lobo. Upon seeing her critical condition, they contacted Fr. Wilson Vitus D’Souza (parish priest of Bejai Church) and informed him about the situation. The parish priest requested Lancelot Pinto, corporator of Mangaluru City Corporation to visit the residence of Ms. Lobo. Upon his arrival and on seeing the critical condition of Ms. Juliet Lobo, He made arrangements to get an ambulance to the residence. During this time as none of the family members were present, the gold earings worn by Ms Juliet Lobo were handed over to the church ward in-charge Ms. Leena Pinto to be kept in her custody” added D’souza.

He further said, “Ms. Juliet Lobo was then shifted to the ambulance, in the presence of Ms. Leena Pinto and other church ward representatives, namely Levot D’Souza (myself) & Ms. Janet D’Souza, being Ms Lobo’s neighbours; Ms Berna Machado, Ms. Vasanthi Shetty; and Ms. Juliet Lobo was taken to Fr. Mullers Hospital’, where she was declared dead on arrival. Due to the non availability of her immediate family members the house was locked and the keys of the house were handed over to the parish priest Fr. Wilson Vitus D’Souza. As the house was in a very untidy and unhygienic condition, the family members decided to have the final funeral rites at Bejai church instead of bringing the body home.The family also jointly decided to receive the keys of the house after the 7th day mass.”

“Notably as decided, after the 7th day mass on 12th September 2019, the house was opened by the parish priest and the gold earings, along with house keys were handed over to the family members in the presence of the church ward representatives. As a corporator, Lancelot Pinto had made arrangements to take care of all the hospital and funeral bills, and later these bills were then settled in full by the family members of the deceased Ms. Juliet Lobo. During this period, a two persons by the names- Ajoy D’Silva and Nigel Albuquerque (admins facebook page), both residents of Bejai, and parishioners of Bejai Church; and yet another person from Mumbai in the name of Suresh Pranami, started publishing and circulating derogatory remarks about Fr. Wislon Vitus D’Souza and Lancelot Pinto through whats app & Facebook” added Levot D’souza..

D’souza continued saying, “A complaint was lodged in Mangaluru East Police Station (Kadri), and in Urva police station, Cyber Cell – Mangalore & Police Commissioner” office, where Ajoy D’Silva apologized for circulating fake news and gave an unconditional letter of undertaking stating the same. Now once again, a person by the name of Wilfred Dexter Cardoza has started publishing fake and derogatory remarks on facebook without knowing the facts. The family members of the deceased Ms.Juliet Lobo are present here to give authenticity to this press release, (read by me) and to inform the public that they have received the keys of house and the property, and all that belongs to them is intact condition”

While concluding Lovet D’souza said, “The three nieces of Ms Juliet Lobo present here condemn the false allegations made against corporator Lancelot Pinto and the parish priest of Bejai Church. They hereby reconfirm that corporator Lancelot Pinto & Fr. Wilson Vitus D’Souza came forward with the only intention being to help their aunt during the time of her distress and death, and have safe guarded the property from falling into any wrong hands. Hence the public are requested to take note that these are nothing but false allegations made with an intent to disturb the peace and religious harmony in the Christian community and an attempt to tarnish the clean image of Lancelot Pinto who is known to be a veteran, legendary, people friendly corporator, and also Fr. Wilson Vitus D’Souza the parish priest of Bejai”.

Ms Leena Pinto- Gurkar of Mother Teresa Ward-Bejai Church, three nieces of Ms Juliet Lobo namely- Ms Joyce Pinto, Ms Jane D’souza and Ms Gladys D’souza were present on the dais during the press meet.

When Team Mangalorean contacted Ajoy D’silva and Nigel Albuquerque, they issued the following statement via email to us-

“In regard to a press meet convened at Pathrika Bhavan at Urwa in Mangaluru by Ms Leena Pinto, Ms Joyce Pinto, Levot D’souza, Ms Jane D’souza and Ms Gladys D’souza of Bejai 31 ward of Mangaluru City Corporation, the statement made in the Press Meet by them is a false allegation against the social rights activists (Ajoy D’silva and Nigel Albuquerque) and entire people of the Bejai 31 ward. We want to clarify that the intention of Press Meet is a part of election campaigning by contestant from the Congress party candidate Lancelot Pinto. We both, Ajoy D’silva and Nigel Albuquerque deny the allegations made by the participants in the press meet”.

Here are some points to deny all the allegations against us below:

1) Ms Juliet Lobo died at home on September 7, 2019, Saturday, according to her nieces-Ms Joyce and Ms Gladys D’souza over the mobile Phone call made to us, and we have the recording.

2) Ms Jane was present when the body of Ms Juliet was taken to hospital as told by Ms Joyce D’souza over the call.

3) Facebook post was made by Suresh Pranami, a well wisher of Juliet’s family, by knowing all the details and ground reality. The Facebook page has three admins, who post as their wish by knowing the truth. The post has all the details following the conversation with the family of Ms Juliet Lobo— Joyce and Gladys.

4) All the admins have right to post when there is a request made to remove the post. There was no request to remove the post, instead the likes and laurels for bringing the hidden agenda to public.

5) The involvement of Lancelot Pinto and Fr. Wilson Vitus D’souza is suspicious as the dead body was taken to the Church directly from the hospital. There is a religious tradition to bring the dead body home.

6) The press release states that Lancelot Pinto is a Veteran, `Legendary ‘ and People Friendly. ( If it is true, the Bejai Ward would have been selected as Best Ward in the city!) Here is the question-that why such a person locked the house of a dead woman and failed to make arrangements to clean the house when he had the key of the house. It smells foul play.

7) The family members mainly Ms Joyce, Ms Jane and Ms Gladys attended the press meet to support Lancelot Pinto during this elections for the MCC council. It is mainly a plan of election campaign and bribed by the candidate.

8) The intention of Lancelot Pinto to grab the house and the property is clear as told by Ms Joyce and Ms Gladys over phone call. An arrangement for a press meet to spread the lie to protect themselves is a crooked agenda. The statement saying, “The Church and Lancelot Pinto has helped the family” is configured the doubts of all the parishioners of the Church.

With all this points and the documents, we both (Ajoy D’silva and Nigel Albuquerque) are going to lodge a complaint to Election Commission of India. The first complaint will be lodged to Election Commissioner today (Tuesday-5/11/2019). A police complaint will be lodged against the persons present in the Press Meet for defaming the citizen rights and social rights activists.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are the personal opinions of the members in the press meet, and Ajoy D’silva/Nigel Albuquerque. The opinions expressed in no way reflect the views of, Author/Team Mangalorean, and does not assume any responsibility or liability for the same.

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