Bellevision Bahrain Inducts New Committee, Celebrates Easter

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Bellevision Bahrain Inducts New Committee, Celebrates Easter

Bahrain: Bellevision Bahrain conducted the induction programme of its new committee members for the year 2016 and Easter celebration at Papillon Banquet hall, here on April 14.


Bellevision Bahrain has stepped into its Sixth glorious year after successful completion of five fruitful years and it has proved to be such a rewarding experience for all its members since its inception.

The Registration desk was managed by the experienced members Ancilla Martis and Pramila D’Souza, Ivan D’Souza and Princy D’Souza compared the event and welcomed all members, guests and well-wishers. The Prayer song was sung by Ronald Fernandes, Nirmala Fernandes, Preetham Aranha, Marita Aranha, Rashmi Fernandes and Preethi Pinto. The Prayer song bought a soothing melody and ignited the flames in each and every one who were present there.

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Founder President Joel D’Sa delightfully inducted the new committee with their introduction and wished all the very best for the year.

Our enthusiastic First Lady President Alfreeda Castelino in her presidential speech expressed her joy about how Bellevision in Bahrain has been progressing for the past 5 years and proudly stepping into the Sixth year. She thanked all the sponsors and well-wishers for their continued support in helping BV Bahrain to reach greater heights. She urged members to actively participate in all activities that are planned for the year.

BV Bahrain is fortunate to have Alfreeda Castelino as the President, who no doubt will lead BV Bahrain to greater heights. Secretary Rashmi Fernandes delivered the vote of thanks and offered gratitude to all who helped to make the programme a huge success.

image010Bellevision-Bahrain-21042016-20160324-010 image011Bellevision-Bahrain-21042016-20160324-011 image012Bellevision-Bahrain-21042016-20160324-012 image013Bellevision-Bahrain-21042016-20160324-013 image014Bellevision-Bahrain-21042016-20160324-014 image015Bellevision-Bahrain-21042016-20160324-015 image016Bellevision-Bahrain-21042016-20160324-016 image017Bellevision-Bahrain-21042016-20160324-017 image018Bellevision-Bahrain-21042016-20160324-018 image019Bellevision-Bahrain-21042016-20160324-019

As Dance is an expression of feelings and emotions our Tiny Tots displayed a dazzling dance performance gracefully that the whole crowd was cheering for them and the Participants were Evan Sequeira, Ries D’Souza, Reeve D’Souza, Rochelle Mendonca, Joswin D’Souza, Annora Fernandes, Riva Pinto, Iral D’Souza and beautifully choreographed by Preetham Aranha and Pramila Martis.

The Group of young, dynamic and talented girls of BV Bahrain set the stage ablaze with their Fusion Dance and the participants were Ashel Castelino, Shanelle Mendonca, Rachel D’Souza, Nikitha Fernandes, Steesha D’Sa, Devina D’souza, Erina Fernandes, Delisha Fernandes and Jennifer D’Souza. The co-ordination for the dance was done by Alfreeda Castelino and choreographed by Ashel Castelino:

image020Bellevision-Bahrain-21042016-20160324-020 image021Bellevision-Bahrain-21042016-20160324-021 image022Bellevision-Bahrain-21042016-20160324-022 image023Bellevision-Bahrain-21042016-20160324-023 image024Bellevision-Bahrain-21042016-20160324-024

The melodious Songs were sung by Preetham Aranha, Nikitha Fernandes, Ivan Sequeira, Wilson Dsouza and Ronald Fernandes. The hilarious Skit was performed by Preetham Aranha and Arun Fernandes.

Visiting Priest Fr Paul Rego, currently serving in Holy Cross Church, Pamboor felicitated the outgoing Ex-com with a memento, while Joel D’Sa called out their names.

Ivan and Princy conducted spot games, for children and adults. All the winners were given fabulous prizes. The Easter hamper was distributed to all children which was organized by Hilda D’sa.

image025Bellevision-Bahrain-21042016-20160324-025 image026Bellevision-Bahrain-21042016-20160324-026

As the May month observes the celebration of Nurses Day the Nurses and Doctors were honored on this occasion. The great Konkani writer and active member of BV Bahrain Naveen Mendonca recited a poem written by himself about “Nurses & Doctors” Describing their selfless service to the community.

Fr Paul Rego, recited the grace before the meal. DJ Francis’s fantastic music kept the teens very busy on the dance floor till late night.

The newly elected Executive Committee for the year 2016 is as follows:

Alfreeda Castelino – President
Sharmila Sequeira – Vice President
Rashmi Fernandes – General Secretary
Deepika Fernandes – Asst. General Secretary
Vincent Martis – Treasurer
Preetham Aranha – Entertainment Secretary
Judith Mendonca – Sports Secretary
Ronald Alva – Membership Co-ordinator
Sylvia D’souza- Web Co-ordinator

All in all the event marked a great start to an exciting year for the new committee and the members.

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Report by Sylvia Dsouza
Pics : By Raymond Dsouza

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