Belmangar Association Kuwait holds Family get together

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Belmangar Association Kuwait holds Family get together

Kuwait: Belmangar in Kuwait (BAK), an organization founded on the principle of “Our unity is our strength” recently celebrated its inaugural get-together for member families and friends from May 2nd to 3rd 2024, at the Kabad Chalet. This marked BAK’s first event since its establishment in April 2024.

The success of this gathering beautifully represented their motto and underlined the commitment of their members towards the organization. The total number of people who showed up to the event was around 50.

The event commenced on Thursday at 9 PM, blessed with delightful weather favourable to both outdoor and indoor activities. The evening began with a prayer invoking God’s blessings for the occasion by Mrs Marina Priya Dcruz. MC Rayan Lobo extended a warm welcome to the attendees and led various games, including the beloved Mangalorean tradition game ‘Tug of war’, and ‘Kabaddi’ which were the highlight of the event.

To enhance the overnight stay experience, members organized a barbecue party and Baila dance, with participants of all ages swaying to the beats of DJ Roshan Rodrigues, who played a variety of popular Konkani and Hindi baila songs.

True to form, participants rose early the next morning to relish a traditional breakfast, followed by enjoyable swimming pool activities for both children and adults.

A pivotal moment arrived with BAK’s inaugural election for its Management Committee and Core Committee members, a process marked by unanimous selections across all positions—a testament to the organization’s unwavering unity.

The elected candidates are as follows:

Core Committee:

President: Joel Marwin Mathias
Vice President: Johnson Dalmeida

Secretary: Marina Priya Dcruz

Treasurer: Priya Cardoza

Public Relations Officer: Iveen Pinto

Committee Members:

Melwyn Mathias, Vivian D’Souza, Jecinta Pinto, Mabel Shanthi Dalmeida, Alwin Cutinho and Reenu D’Souza.

The ex-president of KCWA Mr Anil Fernandes congratulated all the newly elected members of BAK and wished all the association members to stay united and come up with new ideas.

The event continued with entertainment including a couple of housie games, and musical performances by both children and adults, showcasing talents in Konkani, Hindi, and English, much to the delight of all attendees.

Participants enjoyed a delectable biryani and a Special Mangalorean dish for lunch, prepared with love by Sharmila Mendonca. Before the event concluded the newly elected President, Mr Joel Marwin Mathais distributed the prizes to all who won during the games, and he also requested continued support from all members for upcoming BAK activities.

A heartfelt vote of thanks was delivered by PR Officer Mr Iveen Pinto, expressing gratitude to all attendees, MC, DJ, and all who worked hard for this event for their support and cooperation before the gathering dispersed.

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