Bengaluru: Archbishop Bernard Moras Appeals for the Earthquake Victims

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Bengaluru: As the Metropolitan Archbishop of Bangalore, President of the Karnataka Region Catholic Bishops’ Council (KRCBC), and President of All Karnataka United Christian Forum for Human Rights (AKUCFHR), I express my deep sympathy for the earthquake victims and their families and all those who have suffered injuries or lost their belongings due to this natural disaster in the northern parts of India and several parts of Nepal.

I appeal to all clergy, pastors, religious men and women, and the Christian faithful in the Archdiocese of Bangalore and all over Karnataka, and people of good will in the State to come forward to exercise charity, solidarity and provide generous financial assistance, and request them to conduct special prayer services in all the churches, religious communities and institutions during the coming week, and to give financial assistance to help the earthquake victims in India and Nepal.

Through this Press Statement, I wish to mention that our Christian responsibility urges us to pray for the repose of the souls of the victims, and to express our solidarity with the bereaved family members in this moment of natural disaster and great calamity. We, as one family, should pray to God for all those who are affected due to this massive earthquake and show our deep concern and care for them by working together to collect monetary donations from the Christian faithful and others, and help effectively channel this aid to them through Caritas India and Nepal. This is an opportunity to unite our faith, our prayer to concrete acts of solidarity to render support to the victims in these affected areas who are in dire need of our assistance right now.

I offered special prayers for the earthquake victims and for their dear ones at the Sunday Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

A special goodwill collection will be made on Sunday, 3rd May in all the churches and institutions for the earthquake victims of India and Nepal. Cheques in favour of “Archdiocese of Bangalore” and donations can also be sent directly to: Financial Administrator, Archbishop’s House, 75 Miller’s Road, Bengaluru – 560 046.

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  1. We hope this appeal reaches the true and secular of our nation to come together and work for the disadvantaged victims of this tragedy. I particularly look forward to the positive contribution from Fr Cedric Prakash SJ in this regard.

    • I particularly look forward to the positive contribution from Fr Cedric Prakash SJ in this regard. – Drona.

      Sir, you do not need to appeal to Fr. Prakash. He is doing his mite to take on the might of communal forces. Hence spare him from your constant gripe. Your appeal should have gone to Chaddiwaalas masquerading as cultural organisation. Where are they now. Have they gone into hiding. What kind of culture are they following now. Are they staying because, all those who are dead are poor or……. Do we have right to know from cultural warriors.

      • Roy has answered clearly and concisely the question of Fr Cedric Prakash ‘helping’ the distressed. Thanks for making all understand what his role is. It is only to make other religion fellows look bad. That’s all. He has no real positive contribution to make unlike Mother Theresa who worked selfless and tireless all along her life.

  2. And here our dear Archbishop Berbard Moras again sympathizing with the families of the earthquake victims and pleading support for those in distress.

    Let all the faithful join him in his thoughtful prayers and render whatever assistance that we can render to those in distress.

    • I am very saddened that Nepal has had to face the catastrophe of massive earthquake that has resulted in major loss of lives, injuries to many and destruction of private, public properties and world heritage sites. I have always had a soft corner for Nepalese people, based on my interaction with them during my youth and later when I was abroad. They are very hard working people, honest and loyal. Further, there are 40,000 Nepalese donning the uniforms of the Indian Army and they are a very good infantry force that is capable of fighting in any adverse conditions and even in mountains. They are highly adept in using the khukri, instead of the bayonet, with telling and lethal effect.

      As such Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world and this earthquake will be a jolt on Nepal and it will require massive injection of aid and funds from many countries.

      Contrary to the negative views expressed by one or two commentators on this forum, who always have blinkered and prejudiced outlook and suffer from paranoia, considering the geo-political situation in the region I have to commend the Indian Government for rushing immediate assistance to Nepal in matters of hours after the tragedy. India has committed mistakes in the past, especially when Sri Lanka wanted help and cooperation during the premiership of Dr. Manmohan Singh, when he did nothing and the Chinese entered in a big way. At least if India gives massive aid to Nepal, that country will be very much obliged to India and offer her massives projects for reconstruction and rehabilitation of the country.

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