Bengaluru: Charges against Bannanje Raja being Translated into French for Moroccan Officials

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Bengaluru: The Karnataka police are leaving no stone unturned in seeing that the underworld don, Bannanje Raja, is repatriated to face several charges pending against him.

He has been arrested in Casablanca, Morocco, which being a former French colony, has French as a recognized national language, besides the official Arabic and Berber.  Morocco is called Al Maghrib in Arabic and Maroc in French.

Translating Kannada into French may be considered safer and easier, since the slightest error in Arabic syllables, syntax and characters can change the whole meaning, import and flavour of the sentences. This can create loopholes, esp. in sensitive documents.

Hence, for the benefit of the Moroccan officials, the state police are engaged in a massive mission of getting all the documents relating to the charges against Raja to be submitted to them. Any delay in meeting with the deadline may provide the accused with the benefit of bail or release.

On Feb 22, the Moroccan officials informed the police here and allowed a time-frame of 30 days to provide them with the documents in French.

Raja is facing over 40 of cases in different parts of India. The police have decided to concentrate on 5 cases under the jurisdiction of Bengaluru and Mangaluru, to begin with. The total output of charges is likely to exceed 1,500 pages. Half the job of translation has been completed, according to sources.
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