Bengaluru: Maha Shivratri Celebrations at RVM Foundation Shiv Temple

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Bengaluru: RVM Foundation Shiv Temple is celebrating “Maha Shivratri 2015 ‑- A Day of Gratitude” on 17th, February 2015. The press conference for the same was held on 13th February at 12.30 pm in the premises of RVM Foundation Shiv Temple, Old Airport Road.


The theme of this year’s Maha Shivarathri is “God gives us everything! Happy Life, Good Health and Success. Dedicate 1 Day out of 365 Days to God and show your Devotion.”

RVM, the founder of the temple, addressed the media on how this Maha Shivratri is going to be different and grander than all the previous years’ Maha Shivratri celebrations. He explained why the Shiv statue at RVM Foundation Shiv Temple is the “Most Powerful Shiv Statue in the World” and how the temple is “A Temple Of Faith Where Dreams Come True”.

One of the highlights of the press conference was the release of “RVM Shiv Bhajans Golden Collection”, which is sung by RVM and India’s 15 best singers, including Javed Ali, Shaan, Kavita Krishnamurthy, Roop Kumar, Alka Yagnik, Udit Narayan, S.P. Balasubramaniam, Sadhna Sargam, Harshdeep Kaur and many more.

The main and biggest highlight of the press conference was the inauguration of “MAHA YAGNA OF MAHA SHIVRATRI”. The Yagna Kund standing at 6 feet is one of the tallest yagna structures in the world. This Maha Yagna is Yagna Havan ‑ a 24-hour auspicious ritual that inspires devotees to surrender themselves to God through Arpanam. The Devotees will experience a sense of liberation as the flames from holy Yagna soar to the heavens.


Each devotee is given 108 “Om Namah Shivaya” coins. With every coin the devotee drops in a brass pot while chanting “OM NAMAH SHIVAYA”, they draw a special energy within.

Abhishek is an act of symbolically cleansing and purifying one’s inner self with ‑ Water to cleanse, Milk to purify, Curd to transform, Sugar to sweeten, Honey to connect with God and Ghee to seek God’s blessing.

The Navahgrah pooja is a prayer to the creator of the entire universe and the nine planets. By performing the pooja, a devotee symbolically and humbly submits to God.

This Maha Shivarathri, the Temple is organizing a “Light and Sound show”, accompanied by colourful lights, mellow music and sublime dialogues, which brings the idol of Lord Shiv to life by inspiring and filling the devotees with a deep sense of reverence and Shiv Bhakti. It is not only exceptional in its presentation but also spiritually stimulating.


Special Aarti at an interval of every 2 hours starting from 6 A.M. on 17th February up to 4 A.M. on 18th February.
Midnight competitions like Shiv SA RE GA MA, Shiv Anatakshari, Shiv Idol, Shiv Dhuni Sangam are being organised specially for the devotees with attractive prizes.
A Jagran program will be held, wherein all the devotees stay awake for the night, singing praises for the lord.

Come and be part of this divine day and join the celebrations at RVM Foundation Shiv Temple.

RVM Foundation is a non-profit organization that focuses on making a difference and making life fulfilling. The RVM Foundation Shiv Temple, situated on Old Airport Road, Bangalore, was built by RVM and his father in 1995. The temple is the holy abode of Lord Shiva, where the gigantic 65-feet-tall idol of Lord Shiva stands as a symbol of towering faith. Lakhs and lakhs of devotees from different parts of India and around the world visit the temple every month, making it a favoured spiritual spot.

To achieve its vision, the foundation also has three key initiatives: Humanitarian, Inspirational & Spiritual Initiatives.

All the proceedings from the temple go towards serving the destitute sheltered at the RVM Foundation Hospital and Home.

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