Bengaluru: Raid on Indecent Dance Show in ‘Family’ Restaurant – 16 Arrested, 26 Girls Rescued

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Bengaluru: The city crime branch (CCB) police raided ‘Daavat Family Restaurant’, a pub and bar operating in Maruti Plaza in Koramangala VII block and found indecent dance performances taking place on the premises.

Young girls from other states, desperately looking for employment, were reportedly lured into performing vulgar dances by the management.

Twentysix such exploited females were rescued, while 16 others were arrested for being involved in the racket. The arrested are Aritesh, Satish Kundal, Chetan, Rasheed, Maheshchandra, Anand, Madhu, Prakash, Naveen, Manjegowda, Vimal Mukhiya, Manjunath, Lingaraju, Sandeep, Shivakumar and another.

In a highly competitive line like running pubs, attracting more clients is said to have been the motive of the owners, Shankar Srinivas and Dinesh G Shetty. They are said to be absconding. A special team has been formed to nab them, said the police.

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  1. Indecent, vulgar dancing? Who defines what is vulgar and indecent? If BJP is in power, this would be branded as ‘moral policing’ (literally!!). Remember – If Sharia Pandita and his tribal groups have their way, even Bharata naatyam will be considered very indecent and you will invite a harsh prison sentence if not capital punishment!!

    The real questions here should be – Were these girls adults or minor? Were they forced to do it or were they doing it voluntarily to earn a living? Did the restaurant have the legal licence to run this business or not? We don’t have any business telling adults on what they choose to do in their privacy.

    • Original USA Paimaam, how do you feel about the predominant “Belly Dance” of Arabian Countries?

      • I’ve no opposition to Belly dance as long as the dancer is not a minor and not forced to perform. In fact, as a mridangam player, I find the ‘darbuka’ beats for belly dance very rhythmic and appealing. Here is the mridangam ‘nadai’ closest to darbuka beats – tha ki ta tha kita tha ka ||

        • tha ki ta tha kita tha ka || – Rampa ||

          Did you tweet that to our Pradhana Sevaka Yogi? HE NEEDS to attend to matters more in India than in Russia or Mongolia!

          Say, did you tweet that to your master’ji Obama? Did he get pacified? Or will he get all ALL AGGRO and go after the Frankenstein’s created by his predecessors – Juniora Bussha and Sr. Bussha?

          Keep banging away on yr Mridu. Your jokes (thru yr Mridingam) are keeping me awake. :):)

          I got some 30,000 Rs. offer for my TV (1984 make – Dianora brand or Dyspepsia… I can’t remember) and CD’s, PS3 and set top box. Should I sell it off ya Rampa? Good price no?

          No No.. no radio sale. I need to LISTEN to MORE jokes from our Podi’ji whenever he comes back and expresses his Mann ki Baat. Till then, let us have YOUR Mann Ki Baat, yaar. Don’t disappoint me ya Rampu.

  2. The real questions here should be – Were these girls adults or minor?-Mr.Original Pai

    Dear readers,

    Our Mr.Original is more concern about the legality of age for his private Entertainment.

    I hope RSS religious turned fake atheist will have something to say this, may he is busy cleaning in US and claiming to be an Apple consultant. I doubt that with limited knowledge he can be a consultant. He can lie isn’t, his master Golwalkar lied a lot and deceived the nation what is there for him to spread lies.

    I hope his taste don’t exceed like his Pradhan sevak behind private in coal gate. If ever started enjoying ‘Belly dancing ‘ he will have more private party.

    What we can expect from RSS thugs who enjoy just posting selfie with daughter while his own master has record of stocking others daughters?

    Jai hind

  3. The girls are earning their living by dancing. Is it illegal to dance? Did they harm anyone? Police should use their time to solve more serious crimes happening in the city instead of wasting tax payers money harassing the entertainers in the name of morality. Not everyone can join the convents and become Nuns. One should have a calling for such vocation.

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