Beware! Incredible Shrinking Circles near Nanthoor and KPT Junctions?

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Beware! Incredible Shrinking Circles near Nanthoor and KPT Junctions?

Mangaluru: Finally someone has used their common sense to reduce the size of the two mega circles which once existed near the dangerous NanthoorJunction and Karnataka Polytechnic Junction {KPT}. Adding to many such mega circles in the City, these two circles at KPT and Nanthoor were creating lots of inconveniences for motorists to wade during heavy traffic. But with the latest development, both these circles have been reduced to smaller size, thereby easing out at least some problems faced by motorists.

Past Nanthoor Junction Circle ……

Present Nanthoor Junction Circle

Sources reveal that the earlier size of Nanthoor Junction circle which measured 10 mts has been cut down to five mts- and the decision to take this action by the national Highway Authority of India {NHAI} was based on the complaints submitted by Mangaluru City Traffic Police department. The Nanthoor junction circle had been a nightmare to motorists plying in that location, and many accidents have taken place in the past. In 2017, two people died, two critically injured, and four sustained minor injuries, and four vehicles damaged due to accidents at this Junction. Also in 2016, one person had died, three seriously injured and six sustained minor injuries, and three vehicles damaged at the same Junction.

ACP Traffic Manjunath Shetty speaking to media had said, ” The decision taken to reduce the size of the Circles at both the spots, so that extra space could be provided for movement of traffic. At the Nanthoor Junction, earlier commuters from all four sides, namely those plying from KPT, Kankanady Pumpwell, Bikarnakatte and Mallikatte, had to take diversion at the Circle, and then move towards their destination. After changes being done, commuters can drive straight to the other side, without having to take a deviation at the Circle. Right now this is just an experiment depending on how things will work, and that they will be apprised of the ground reality only after couple of days. Hoping the new plan will serve the purpose in order to avoid accidents and also for the smooth movement of traffic”

Past KPT Junction Circle……..

Present KPT Junction Circle.

ACP Shetty had also said,” We have planned to set up a Bus Shelter/Stop near Padua College, because by setting up a bus stop will curb the speed of buses and also help in reducing the density of vehicles at the Circle. Since installing of speed-breakers/rumblers are not permitted on National highways, this solution may help in easing out some problems. “

But in his opinion, in spite of reducing the size of the Circles, an official with the project has commented saying, ” No matter what, the circle will always be flawed, as it is located in an area that is geographically unfit for such infrastructure. The base of a circle should always be even throughout its circumference. However, the Nanthoor Circle is uneven, and the vehicles that ply from KPT and Bikkarankatte travel faster, which increase the chances for casualties. Unless the motorists/commuters on these stretches become responsible, and careful, chances are accidents could happen, no matter what?”

Anyways, let’s keep our fingers crossed as to how the new changes in these two circles will help the motorists, and also prevent accidents. We all learn by our mistakes- so this could be yet another example?

Tax Payers Money Gone Down the Drain spending on Traffic Lights?

Among all the non-working Traffic Lights that we have in the City, one among them are the traffic Lights at the Nanthoor Junction, which were installed spending lakhs of rupees- and for the fact- since day one after these traffic lights were put to work, they flunked within days- and since then all the traffic lights are out of order- and some of them have been dumped on the roadside {see photo}. Even a solar powered system to run these traffic lights has been not working.

There’s a saying that “We all learn by our mistakes?”- but here in Mangaluru our officials, be it in MCC or Traffic Police department, they don’t learn from their past mistakes. Even though traffic lights have been in Mangaluru for years, and which didn’t work- few years later, new traffic lights were installed. And the result: ALL OUT OF ORDER? Why even spend hard earned tax payers money on projects that don’t serve a damn thing. Despite an increase in vehicle population, the city had added few traffic lights are busy spots, but the result have been negative. None of them are working.

For most commuters, crossing a busy junction where traffic lights are either absent or do not function is an exercise in skill and patience, and often involves avoiding being hit by moving vehicles. Even as previously minor junctions have turned into bottlenecks, the city adding new traffic lights have gone a waste. Until sufficient working signals are provided, the immediate measure to improve traffic flow is to limit the number of cross-roads on long stretches.

The immediate outlook, however, does not look good. There is a need for more working traffic signals, particularly upgrading manned signals. But it doesn’t seems like its happening. The traffic department needs to get rid of traffic lights because they don’t serve the purpose for the busy traffic in Mangaluru. Add more cops to handle the traffic woes/chaos, rather than depend on these traffic lights which don’t function 99 percent of the time. Period!

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  1. Roundabouts, as they are correctly referred to in English, are a British invention, when motor cars were new and few during the Royal times. Prior to motor vehicles, there were only Horse Carriages and Bullock Carts and Hand Carts in India.

    Today, there are more buses, trucks, cars, and motorcycles that the roads can accommodate, and these Roundabouts are very hazardous where the driving mentality of Indians is very impatient and bad to the extent of drunk driving and road rage.

    Although the media in Mangalore and Karnataka claim Mangalore being a SMART CITY and Education Hub, etc., it is not true in the case of installation and proper functioning of Traffic Lights. The people who pay so much taxes in Driver’s Licence, Purchase of new vehicles and Transfer of Pre-used vehicles, Registration, etc. must wake up and demand from the Regional Karnataka Transport Dept., why they are so lethargic and irresponsible in ensuring that Traffic Lights work all the time. When there are power cuts, that unfortunately and strangely applies to Streetlights and Traffic Lights, there should be Battery Back-up, so that they are operational at all times. No use of constantly only complaining and writing big long
    articles. If there are Traffic Laws, there should also be laws for those
    in the Transport Dept. to comply with or face federal consequences.

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