Bhatkal: Commotion Between Two Communities Turns violent in Murudeshwar

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Bhatkal: Commotion between two communities turned violent while miscreants pelted stones on houses and places of worship over the issue of ownership of government land at Murudeshwar here on March 24. Police resorted to a lathi charge to control the mob, confirmed sources.

The District Superintendent of Police R Dilip arrived to Murudeshwar and organised peace meetings with the leaders of both communities. The situation is said to be under control while additional police force has been deployed to prevent any further disturbances.

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The leaders of both communities had filed an appeal with the Tahsildar over the possession of the Hindu crematorium. The dispute remains unsolved which is alleged to be the main reason for the commotion breaking out between the two communities.

A group from the Muslim community objected holding the funeral of a woman in the crematorium. But amid objections, the body was cremated. A commotion was later witnessed between the two groups. The police who intervened resorted to lathi charge. Later, the miscreants are said to have pelted stones on the worship places of both the communities.

Police have detained several persons suspected of pelting stones on worship places. A probe will be initiated, said SP R Dilip. The Assistant Commissioner Chidanand Varathe has inspected the area and has said that he will look into the records before announcing his stand.

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