Mangaluru: ‘Our Children Will be Much Healthier in their Old Age Than Us’, – Israeli Dr Mark Clarfield

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Mangaluru: ”We share similar situations with our neighbors like India does, and I am aware of Indian Geriatric [old age] Health Conditions as I have visited India often” were the opening lines of the legendary authority on Geriatrics, Dr Mark Clarfield, Director, Medical School for International Health, Ben-Gurion University, Israel. He was delivering the Guest Lecture on ”Whether our Children will be more healthier in their old age than Us” at ‘Shusrutha Hall’ KMC, Mangaluru.

”Such is his Schedule that I invited Dr.Clarfield a year ago when we met at a medical conference in Philadelphia ,USA” stated Dr M V Prabhu, Dean, KMC in his opening remarks. The gathering of Medical Professionals, Post Graduates, and medical luminaries were treated to some profound insight on Geriatric or Old Age situation the world over by Dr Mark in his outlook on today’s situation.

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”With advancement in medical treatment the longevity has increased today and people live longer and healthier than earlier” said Dr Mark giving statistical data with power point presentation. “In comparison to this generation the next generation will have less dementia, like Alzheimer’s” said he, giving various reasons for this healthy development.”

”Our Children will be healthier in their old age than we in ours” said he giving the economic development as one reason. With more wealth and education there is better management of health, leading to a healthier old age” which in turn reduces the causes that lead to poor health and death. ”In today’s situation the family is small , hence the children to take care of Elders is less, hence with more advanced medicine the care takers per person has reduced unlike earlier times” was Dr Mark’s observation.

The Dr M V Prabhu, Dean, KMC, introduced Er. Jerardin D’Souza, Founder Director, MAA – Mangalore Alzheimer’s Association to Dr Clarfield and they discussed various aspects. Er. D’Souza requested Dr Mark to share the ongoing developments Internationally on Alzheimer’s and other geriatric progress through E-mail. Dr Mark was very happy to share all information and promised to assist MAA.

Dr rabha Adhikari, Head, Geriatrics, KMC, presented Dr Clarfield with an artistic memento, that impressed him and he read out the wordings on it.
Dr Prabha also briefed him on the Music Therapy that was conducted during the Palliative Care Course recently using ‘Body Tambura’. designed in Germany and introduced by Dr Cordula Dietrich.

Renowned Physician Dr Chakrapani M. welcomed Mrs Dr Mark Clarfield by presenting a bouquet of flowers. There was an interactive session where pertinent questions were asked by the gathered which were answered with great clarity by Dr Mark. Dr M V Prabhu Dean, KMC, had a futuristic vision in inviting Dr Mark Clarfield, an authority on Geriatrics to enlighten the medical fraternity and also share his knowledge and experience with the Students.

Eminent Doctors Dr Keshav Pai, Dr Meenakshi Shetty, Dr Sheetal Raj, Dr Mahesh Padyana,Dr Abul Fazil, Dr Jinzy George, Dr Sathish Rao and many others were active in participation, and post graduates were very inquisitive in search of knowledge. Dr Archit Boloor delivered the vote of thanks. The Lecture was truly a very enlightening one from a world renowned legendary geriatric professional Dr Mark Clarfield.

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