Bhatkal: Yemen crisis – Two families of Uttara Kannada cry for help from Government

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Bhatkal: The local war of various forces in Yemen has ruined the lives of thousands of Indian citizens who are struggling to return back to their hometowns. More than 500 Indian citizens trapped in Aden are awaiting help.

Two families, having 6 members of Bhatkal origin, are in fear of being killed as forces are marching towards Aden. Continuous bombarding has created fear. They are said to be facing a severe crisis.

Scores of Indian citizens reside in Sana, the capital of Yemen and few of them reside in Aden. People living there allege that the Indian government is reaching out only to people residing in Sana while they have neglected its citizens in Aden.

Yunus, a resident of Bhatkal origin, over the phone to his parents said, “The agitated forces may drop heavy explosives any time and the cruel incidents happening in our locality are indications of the same. The sound of heavy explosives being dropped in the city is creating havoc and fear; we are helpless. We fear not reaching our home town safely. The Indian government should soon reach out to us as we are in a desperate situation.”

Yunus is residing in Aden with his three children and his wife. Shaiq Rukkudin, a member of the other family, says that until now his family is safe, but as the agitation continues the condition may worsen.

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