Bhatkal: Youth Arrested for Terrorist Links brought to Bhatkal for Investigation

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Bhatkal: The four Bhatkal youth accused of terrorist links were brought to Bhatkal by the Bengaluru Central Crime Branch Police on Monday, January 19 as part of the investigation. The operation was headed by ACP Omkar Aiyya.

The accused were taken to different places in two separate vehicles. Surprisingly, it was noted that there were five people wearing masks in the vehicles. The four masked men could be the four accused youth Dr Asfaque, Abdus Suboor, Saddam Hussain and Riyaz Ahmed, but the identity of the fifth person is still a mystery.


The investigation team had a total of four officers who visited the homes of two of the suspects Dr Asfaque Lanka and Abdus Suboor. They also visited the house of Afeef Mota, who is said to be in the NIA suspect list. Accused Riyaz was taken to a house located at Shaukat Ali Road, which belongs to one of his relatives. The team also visited the Tengungundi Port and Nastar beach. According to sources, the house of Dr Asfaque Lanka was locked and the investigation team entered the house after breaking the lock. The team did not enter the house of Abdus Suboor but just checked it from the outside.

Sources informed that the suspects had reached the Murdeshawar Hotel along with the CCB investigation team in the morning, but were brought to Bhatkal only in the evening.

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