Mangaluru: Trouble Erupts again in City’s District Jail – CCTV System Damaged

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Mangaluru: The city’s district jail was witness to another case of ruckus among the inmates on Monday.

Arafat and Arif, two accused in the Deralakatte forced sex case, had been taken to the B block of the jail for hearing by video conferencing. Thereafter, they were being brought back to A block by the guards. At this point, some inmates of the B block are said to have thrown cooked ‘sambar’ at them.


Heated exchanges between two groups led to fist-fights, according to sources, although it is being officially denied. During the scuffle, some fixtures and CCTV cameras were damaged.

The damage to the CCTV is thought to be intentional so that the incident would not go on record. The Barke police have visited the spot.

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