Bhatkal: Youth from Bhatkal stopped at Bengaluru Airport

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Bhatkal: A Bhatkal student trying to board a Sharjah flight was stopped by the Immigration authorities at Bengaluru airport on 10 June, for being a resident of Bhatkal.

The passenger, Arsalan Ahmed Qazi said that authorities asked him whether he knew Yaseen Bhatkal. When his reply was negative, he was told that his passport details need to be verified.



He was also told to wait and later his passport was returned only after two hours. By then, his flight Air Arabia had taken off.

Arsalan is a student of Jamia Islamia (madrasa) in Bhatkal.

He was visiting his parents in Dubai on visit visa to spend his vacation.

Arsalan said that he purchased another ticket and his flight is scheduled to take off at 4:35 am on Thursday June 11.

Back in Bhatkal, people expressed their anger on the attitude of the officer and the discriminatory treatment meted out to one of their own. They are pressurizing Tanzeem (local social organisation) to take up the matter.

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  1. Dear readers,

    It seems Saffrnoization has taken to the next level after injecting them into school curriculums.

    The Passport was issued after only proper background check of the candidate by the police officials.

    Passport control officer bound to do his duty by checking the documents are genuine rather details seeking about the terrorist in jail.

    It is important to remind this officer about his duty that ‘Bhatkal’ is sovereign part of Republic of India and every residence is not terrorist because Ahmad Zarar Siddi Bappa alias Yasin Bhatkal delibrately targeted maligin the image of the place and community.

    Thanks to Late Dr.Acharaya who was handpicked because of RSS backgroung as a Home minister in debut BJP government of Karnataka for adding Bhatkal to Siddi Bappa and presenting to mass media to unknown terror organisation of ‘Indian mujaheed’.
    Jai hind

  2. “Back in Bhatkal, people have expressed anger over…” – report
    So, people of Bhatkala are angered over this seemingly minor incident where a guy missed his flight due to delayed security checks and some questioning by immigration dept. I am curious to know if the same Bhatkala had expressed anger when proud son of Bhatkala (Yaasin Bhatkala) was caught ? As you all remember, he was seriously planning to launch attacks on Indians and soldiers with the help of rats from Pakstaana. In fact, he had visited Pakistaan and got trained over there. Can someone tell me if Bhatkala erupted in anger and outrage protesting against Yaseen and his actions?

    Sharia Shaikh, Pincode Pai, Joker Praveena….any comments?

    • The Bhatkali Navayaths were really our brethrine, belonging to the same common stock, Konkani, and really were peace loving.

      But, the RSS and the Jana Sangh alienated them on the ruse of “murder of Dr. Chittaranjan”, a RSS activist. It divided the Hindus and the Navayats as per the calculation of RSS and we still are suffering its repercussions! RSS gained grounds and Hindus lost peace and tranquillity. Thanks to RSS!

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