Mangaluru: Children have potential to change sand into gold – Fr Gomes during MCHPA Felicitation

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Mangaluru: The Mangalore City High School Headmasters’ and Pre-University Principal’s Association (MCHPA) organised the ‘Educational Conference cum Felicitation Ceremony of The Merit Students of SSLC 2015, Heads of Institutions with 100% Results’, and the ‘Establishment of Stany Francis Baretto SSLC Scholarships’ at the Milagres PU College Hall here, on June 11.

The programme began with an invocation by the students of Milagres High School, followed by the state anthem.

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President of MCHPA, Aloysius D’Souza welcomed the gathering. The programme was inaugurated by the Secretary of Catholic Board of Education Fr Gerald D’Souza by lighting the traditional lamp along with other dignitaries.

Fr Gerald D’Souza, in his inaugural address said, “Today, achievers in the field of education have gathered here. DK is an intellectuals district and in the field of education, our district has brought a revolution. Parents are the role models for their children and guide during the children’s period of growth. We have to join hands with the parents because parents play a vital role in molding their children. The teachers, institutions and the government, should join hands with the parents to build a strong nation by molding children into disciplined citizens.” He congratulated the toppers of the SSLC examinations and the heads of institutions with 100% results.

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Stany Baretto, speaking on the occasion said, “So far, I have dedicated 5 CDs to the society, without any sponsors, I have released all the 5 CDs and donated 1000 CDs each to schools to support them financially. My aim is to fill the students with patriotism. This time I have come out with ‘Bharatha Mathege Namisona’ and I will again donate 1000 CDs to the MCHPA. To mark my service of thirty years in the educational field, I have established a fund called ‘Stany Baretto SSLC Scholarship’, which will provide Rs 10,000 each to three students every year. An amount of Rs 3 lakh has been deposited in the bank and the interest which comes from the deposited amount will be handed over to the students. Every year three students will get the scholarship and the selection will be made by the MCHPA members. Their decision in selecting the students for scholarship will be final.”

The CD “Bharata Mathege Namisona”, composed by Stany Baretto, was released on the occasion. Stany Baretto handed over 1000 copies of “Bharata Mathege Namisona” to the president of MCHPA Aloysius D’Souza. He also handed over the deposit certificate of Rs 3 lakh to Aloysius. Stany Baretto was felicitated on the occasion by the guests. The toppers in SSLC examination and the heads of Institutions with 100% results were also felicitated on the occasion.

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Speaking on the occasion, former Administrator of Milagres Educational Institutions Fr F X Gomes said, “I have spent many years as an educationist at different institutions, and one thing that I have learnt is that learning is a process from the womb to the tomb. Today, many new and innovative ways of conducting exams are being implemented, be it oral evaluation, research based dissertation exams, etc. that can more accurately assess a student’s capabilities. Gone are the days when written exams alone would decide the student’s capacity. As educators, it is important for us to adapt to the changing world. We should be learners. We should first learn and then teach the students. The teachers and the parents have a tougher exam in this regard.”

“The children of today are very smart. We see many toppers, but only a few among them are achievers. There is a big difference between the two. Personalities like Leonardo da Vinci, Bill Gates, are not toppers; they are achievers. At one time, passing was more than enough. But today, achieving something has become more important. We should organize more events that bring out the hidden talents of the students and make them achievers in their fields of interest.”

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He also said that the world today has become very competitive. “Due to globalization, liberalization and privatization, every town has now become a village and every village a town. The competition has become so fierce that you need dedication and hardwork to survive in today’s world, or you will be left behind and become a nobody. The students present here are toppers, but to shine in this world, you have to become achievers. Always be prepared for competition. Take certain decisions in life. Decide what you want to be, where you want to be, right now.”

“Some parents say that their children were born intelligent, but the school ruined them. Children have the potential to change sand into gold. Teachers should see to it that all students receive guidance in their academics and life. Just having students of your respective classes excel is not enough. All students should be encouraged and promoted so that the school does not ruin them, but increases their intelligence even further.”

He concluded, recalling quotes of Churchill that ‘Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts’ and ‘Those whose work and pleasure are one, are fortune’s favoured children’ and advised the students to continue to work hard, since in the subject of life, exams never end.

Vicar General Diocese of Mangaluru Msgr Denis Moras Prabhu blessed the programme. Deputy Registrar of Mangalore University Prabhakar Neermarga delivered the keynote address. Administrator of Milagres Educational Institutions Fr Michael Santhumayor, DDPI Secretary Vincent D’Costa, and others were also present.

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