Bikers Gone Green- All Geared up for ‘Mangaluru For No Honking’ Campaign

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Mangaluru: Who said bikers can’t be environmentalists to save the planet? On the occasion of “World Motorcycle Day”, the riders of Mangaluru, from different clubs, that together constitute the United Bikers of Mangalore, came together to celebrate their passion of Motorcycle riding. Not only they rode for fun through the City streets and then on the highway, they also spread the awareness of tree planting for a greener environment, and also spread the message among the motorists not to use loud horns.


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With “World Motorcycle Day” being a Global celebration of everything from the motorcycle world, it’s all up to the bikers worldwide as to what they like to do to celebrate World Motorcycle Day’ . Locally here the bikers decided to go on a fun ride, riding motorcycles and meeting up with other motorcycle fanatics. The main difference being that it is a global event, the streets were alive with roaring beautiful motorcycles, super bikes, couple of antique scooters,you name it. It was indeed a great and unique way as to how our Mangalurean bikers celebrated “World Motorcycle Day” along with two awareness projects- planting saplings near the Kadri Park Skating Rink, and also spreading the message, not to use loud horns..

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With a mega event happening at Udupi called for by the United Riders of Udupi, the Mangaluru riders decided to organise themselves in two groups. With all the bikers roaring off from Kadri Park area, rode through the city before they took the highway to Surathkal, for a halt to have a sumptuous morning breakfast, and after that a fun ride to the beach. From here, half of them rode till Udupi to spend time with their fellow bikers from across the District – where a 1.5 km long parade of all motorcycles from at least 20 clubs was held from Ajjarkad War Memorial to Malpe Beach, followed by a Stunt show. The rest of the gang headed back to Mangaluru to help the Mangalore Green Brigade and the Forest department in planting saplings, near the Kadri park skating Rink.

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Global warming may not be damaging the Earth as quickly as feared after scientists found that plants can soak up more carbon dioxide than previously thought. Living beings and plant life on this planet also undergo change accordingly. Man’s physical structure too changes from generation to generation along with the change in climatic conditions. Because of the growth in the population, a large number of trees are cut for fuel, and to reclaim land for agricultural cultivation. trees are also cut to make way for infrastructure. People have destroyed ancient trees in a similar way to shaving a man’s hair off. This is not simply the destruction of trees but it also means harming what belongs to the citizens. Similarly, the continuing decline in forests and greenery is adversely affecting the already changing global climate, thus upsetting the lives, not only of mankind, but also of all living beings.

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In the name of modernity and development we have been cutting the trees without realizing its impact for the future. Increase of population, deforestation and continuous plunder of natural resources has not only increased the stressed the mother earth but has also led to Climate Change. India is facing the brunt of climate change and will see severe scarcity of water resources and food-grain production if we do not act now. Keeping this reality in mind, The United Bikers along with Mangalore Green Brigade and The State Forest Department decided to plant a few saplings to create awareness about the impact of climate change on all our lives.

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The saplings were donated by the forest department through the sincere efforts of Clifford Lobo-the Urban Range Forest Officer, who speaking to said, “Planting trees is good for the community, we can breathe clean, green and fresh air. With all these mega buildings coming up in the city, we are forced to breathe pollute air, since all the trees are axed down to make way for these concrete structures. We need to plant more trees in the place where they were chopped down. Our department is glad to join with clubs, associations, NGOs, schools/colleges and other organizations/institutions who want to bring awareness on tree planting”. Saplings of Jack-fruit, mango, cherry, Nerale (Jambulu), Brinda and others were planted around the Skating Rink vicinity.

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As the ‘Mangalore for No honking’ campaign had also kick started on Saturday the 20th June, the United Riders gang went about distributing Stickers and informing the public, in particular – the bus drivers, rickshaw drivers and private taxi drivers to avoid loud and constant honking. The other group members who rode on to Udupi, also distributed stickers among the 350 + odd bikers who had gathered there and the public too. Shhhh! There are hopes that the crowded and noisy city of Mangaluru may be just a little bit quieter from now on. This campaign by the Bikers, and also strong action taken by the City Traffic cops-this new initiative launched may bring some element of peace into the city’s mad traffic.

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The ‘Mangalore For No Honking’ – “Horn Not Ok Please” is a citizen’s initiative that has police support for its ambitious aim: to get drivers to take a pledge that they will not honk unless it is absolutely necessary. This will not be an easy task. Honking seems part of the Indian driver’s DNA. It would appear that many people believe vehicles in India will only go forward if the horn is tooted. Honking seems to be an essential part of the Indian driving experience. In traffic, on empty roads, while overtaking, and while being overtaken. Even if a sign is posted near a hospital, school, college etc not to honk loud, motorists who are ignorant, still honk.

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Honking is just an unnecessary nuisance on the roads – it doesn’t help people get to a place faster and it doesn’t help us be safer. I think if we all take this pledge it will be really good for the city and the peace of mind for people who commute in this city and spend long hours on this road. Honking doesn’t mean that you move faster. Honking just means and shows that you are in-disciplined in driving.All we can say is ‘Hear, hear.’ The city’s traffic police, whose eardrums no doubt have to face the loudest assault, are all for the new campaign. They say that after the awareness campaign of honking loud had been introduced have resulted in satisfactory reduction in noise pollution. Let’s all hope the initiative taken by these bikers and cops would help in reducing the noise pollution in the city to a very large extent. A job well done. Stop Honking, Please!

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