Bishop Gerald Blesses Trinity Central School’s New Building

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Bishop Gerald Blesses Trinity Central School’s New Building

Udupi: The blessing and inauguration of the second phase of the new building of Trinity Central School Perampalli was inaugurated here, on June 16.

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The programme began with an invocation. Dr Gerald Isaac Lobo, Bishop of Udupi diocese, blessed the new building. Dr Joseph Dolphy Pais, Provincial Minister Holy Trinity Province Karnataka, inaugurated the new school building by cutting the ribbon.

The stage programme was inaugurated by Dr Gerald Isaac Lobo Bishop of Udupi diocese. Principal of the school, Fr Anil D’Costa welcomed the gathering.

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In his message, the Bishop congratulated Capuchin Fathers for providing value based education through the Trinity School in the Udupi district. “Education is more important for the progress of the country than economic development. It is necessary to prepare children to face the world. Strong foundation, noble thoughts and self-confidence enable children to be successful,” he said.

He further said that education does not just mean acquiring knowledge but also the establishment of a new society with human values. “We have opportunities to change society with good values. Along with education, we should also concentrate for better human values. When we have faith in God, we will get God’s blessings. Students should utilise the knowledge which is gained in educational institutions for the betterment of the society. Value based education provided to children in the initial stages provides a strong foundation in life,” he added.

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Former MLA of Udupi, Raghupathi Bhat in his message said that Christian associations provide value-based services to people in the field of health and education and this is exemplary. “They are known for discipline, quality and value based education. Due to their quality education, today Udupi and DK districts are shining at top spots in the education and health sectors.” He urged the administration to start PU education in Perampalli.

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Fr Romeo Lewis (Parish Priest Fathima Church Perampalli), Fr Alwyn Dais (Executive Secretary Capuchin Education Society) and Fr Claude Mascarenhas (Guardian Trinity Vihar) were present at the programme. Fr Anil D’Costa welcomed the gathering. Chaithra delivered the vote of thanks. Max compered the programme.

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