BJP National president Amit Shah inaugurates Fishermen convention at Malpe

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BJP National president Amit Shah inaugurates Fishermen convention at Malpe

Udupi: The Barathiya Janatha Party national president Amit Shah kicked off the campaign of the party for the upcoming Assembly elections by inaugurating the Fishermen convention at Malpe Seashore near Udupi on Tuesday, February 20.

The programme began with Vande Matharam. District BJP secretary Kuthyaru Naveen Shetty welcomed the gathering.

Addressing the gathering Amit Shah accusing the Siddaramaiah-led Congress government in Karnataka said that it has broken “all records” in corruption. The funds released by the central government to the state were not reaching the people they were intended to benefit. Under the Congress rule, Karnataka lagged behind other states in terms of development, and people want to bring down the regime in the next elections. Once you bring Yeddyurappa back to power, Karnataka will see the transformation and it will become one of the fastest growing states in the country.

If there was to be a competition for the most corrupt government, the award for the last five years would go to the one headed by Siddaramaiah. I have never seen a more corrupt government than Siddaramaiah’s. No resignation is sought, no action is taken whatsoever. Most parties are humiliated when allegations of corruption are made but the Siddaramaiah government seems to treat it like a medal of honour and pin it to their chest, he said.

Shah reiterated that thousands of crores have been sanctioned under various schemes and projects from the central government but none of the benefits are reaching the people.

The BJP supremo said that the Central government has set up a committee under the leadership of Dr Ayyappan to outline the programmes for next 20 years. Asserting that the citizens of Karnataka are looking forward to a major political change in the state, he said he received an overwhelming response in every nook and corner of the state.

The Congress ministers including the chief minister are shameless and stuck to their chairs even after going through the allegations of massive corruption, he said, adding that he has experienced corruption, but not people with brazenness. He accused that the poor man’s money is spent for lavishness. The development of farming in the area is nil.

Thanking the voters in the state for giving 17 parliamentarians to Modi’s government, Shah said that the Prime Minister is deliberating on bringing in revolutionary changes in the development scenario. “The blue revolution initiative taken by Narendra Modi is an attempt to bring the fishermen’s community to the mainstream of development. The prime minister wants to bring development in the lives of the fishermen. Sadly, the Congress-led state government is avoiding the proliferation of the developmental schemes into lower-level following which the real beneficiaries are deprived of many facilities.

He added that there is also demand for considering the fishermen community under SC category. Shah said the Central government has received the proposal and is working on it. He added that the Modi government has introduced 112 developmental schemes for the poor and downtrodden and has achieved incredible results in four years, which was not possible in the 60 plus years of Congress rule. Under NaMo care, the programme Ayushman Bharat is being introduced, which would offer five lakh rupees worth health care amenities to more than 10 crore families in the country. Under Ujjwal Yojana, the government will offer eight crore LPG cylinders in the days to come and every poor family would be given LPG cylinders by 2020. Rs 205 crore PM Awas Yojane is offered to Karnataka government, which is not spent on the said purpose.

He alleged that the Congress government has failed to develop the 3,000 kilometres of coast line. “The present budget has earmarked Rs 19,209 crore in comparison with Rs 1,700 crore earmarked by UPA government under Blue Revolution. The fishermen are included under the benefit of Kissan Credit Yojana. Under FIDI programme, the Rs 7,500 crore is earmarked for fishermen separately. The insurance premium is increased from Rs 19 to Rs 20, which would be now covering the amount of Rs two lakh in place of earlier Rs one lakh. He added that Rs 40 lakh subsidies are offered under NABARD,” Shah listed out.

He confidently maintained that the BJP will come into power with a majority in Karnataka, which would also be proved in the recently concluded Tripura polls.

MP Shobha Karandlaje, Karkala MLA Sunil Kumar, MLA CT Ravi, former MLA Raghupathi Bhat, former MP Jayaprakash Hegde, district president Mattar Rathnakar Hegde, Executive member Uday Kumar Shetty, Fishermen’s convention convener Yashpal Suvarna and others were present.

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  1. Mr Amit Shah confirms corruption as though he has substantial proof of it!

    How does Mr Amit Shah confirm that the Central Government that had released funds for the benefit of the people of Karnataka have no record of it’s disbursement and accounts from the authority in Karnataka that had received such funds, and declaring it as an act of corruption implicating the Chief Minister of Karnataka?

    Also, Mr Yedurappa and the BJP did govern Karnataka prior to the present Congress party, and what has Mr Yedurappa to boast about any development or betterment of Karnataka or for its people.

    Mr Amit Shah does not convince anyone but himself in giving empty talks just because the people of Karnataka have extended courtesy to invite him – but surely not cause division amongst people of Karnataka. He should substantiate his talks on corruption to convince the people of Karnataka and not to fool the poor fishermen community of Malpe. The Central Government should also confirm what Mr Amit Shah confirmed along with the FM and PM, who are all one team.

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