Blatter’s appeal before CAS to cost $54,000

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Zurich, Dec 24 (IANS) The appeal to be filed by suspended FIFA president Joseph Blatter and suspended UEFA head Michel Platini before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) against their eight-year bans could cost between 40,000 euros ($43,775) and 50,000 euros ($54,719), while the case could take as long as a year to be resolved.

The rules governing CAS stipulate that a request for arbitration can be submitted after undertaking all appeal procedures within FIFA’s Ethics Committee, against the eight-year ban from all football-related activities imposed on both suspended presidents, reports Efe.

The first demand submitted to the Lausanne-based court will include making a down payment of nearly 925 euros ($1,000) to file an appeal calling for the provisional suspension of the ban, until the case is finally resolved.

Well informed sources have stressed that the whole process may cost between 40,000 euros ($43,775) and 50,000 euros ($54,719).

Both Blatter and Platini announced two days ago that they will appeal before CAS after the eight-year ban was imposed on them by the independent Ethics Committee of FIFA.

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