‘Blood Diamond’ actor to star in ‘The Vatican Tapes’

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Los Angeles, July 16 (IANS) Hollywood actor Djimon Hounsou of “Blood Diamond” fame will be seen next in horror film “The Vatican Tapes”.

While the trailer has been intriguing horror buffs across the country, Hounsou’s presence in the film has upped the ante.

Hounsou plays the role of Vatican-based priest Vicar Imani in the film, directed by Mark Neveldine.

“Vicar Imani is the new 21st century warrior of god who is fighting to revolutionise exorcism. He’s the lower foot soldier of god, trying to protect against all Satan attributes,” the actor said in a statement.

Director Neveldine, who initially brought Hounsou aboard the film, said the actor is “hyponotising”.

“We worked on a motorcycle movie a long time ago, and we had always wanted to work together again,” he added.

“The Vatican Tapes” will be hitting theatres across India on July 31.

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