Bobbi Brown’s aunt’s feud with Pat Houston is ‘not over’

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Los Angeles, Aug 7 (IANS) Singer Bobbi Kristina Brown’s aunt Leolah Brown insists her feud with Pat Houston is “not over” and that she will expose “the truth” about her.

Leolah was reportedly thrown out of her niece’s funeral last weekend after allegedly yelling at the late starlet’s aunt Pat – who had charge of the aspiring singer’s affairs before her death last month – when she got up to address the congregation, and she has vowed she will eventually reveal “the truth”, reports

In a lengthy Facebook post, Leolah wrote: “Please be aware that this IS NOT OVER with Mrs. Pat Watson Garland and I. There is so much more to come. The world will hear THE TRUTH by Me. Make no mistake about that. (sic)”

It was previously claimed that family friend Tyler Perry had ushered Leolah from the St. James United Methodist Church in Georgia following her outburst, but the outspoken family member insists that wasn’t the case.

“As far as me being ‘put’ out of the funeral with the help of Tyler Perry…??? That is not true. I will tell the true story and how it ‘really’ went down,” she said.

“As it was and as it will always be; Tyler Perry is loved & respected by me and he is also considered a friend of mine from this day on. (sic)”, she added.

Leolah has made a number of posts slamming Pat since Bobbi Kristina was discovered unconscious in her bath in January, and after being ejected from the funeral, she branded her a “fraud and a phoney”.

“It’s not over. We’ve got evidence of who Pat really is, this is going to be a long drawn out process. Things are connected. Pat is a fraud and a phoney. She is not a Houston, she’s a Garland.

“She will be remembered in our hearts forever. It’s so sad that this has happened to her. I’m angry at Nick, I am angry at what happened. It was all fine until Pat started speaking,” she added.

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