Bobbi Kristina Brown’s hospice in ‘lock down’

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Los Angeles, July 6 (IANS) TV personality-singer Bobbi Kristina Brown’s hospice is in “lock down mode”.

The 22-year-old was found face down and unresponsive in a bath tub five months ago, and security has been increased at her treatment facility after someone reportedly took a photograph of her in her hospital bed.

“Everyone has to check their purses or bags at the nurse’s station. They are making sure that each person that comes to see Krissy is fully checked and that they aren’t sneaking anything into the room,” quoted a source as saying.

Earlier, various news outlets reported that they had been offered a photograph taken of Bobbi Kristina by an “extended family member” in exchange for money.

Meanwhile, Bobbi Kristina’s aunt Leolah Brown has hit back at the “evil” person who took the photograph.

Writing on Facebook, she said: “I’ll tell you what! You took that picture thinking you gon get some money for it… and thats gon be it!… guess what!????!!!! I will myself if no one else does – see to it that – YOU be revealed!!!! Trust me! I will put the fire so far up the medias ass to reveal who they PAID for that (sic)”

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