Bomb Blast in Mysuru Court premises, four injured

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(Updates) Blast on court premises in Mysuru causes panic, two injured

Mysuru, Aug 1, 2016, (PTI)A low intensity explosion rocked a court premises here today causing panic among lawyers and litigants and leaving at least two persons injured.

The explosion with “bomb blast-like” sound occurred in the toilet located behind the court building, eyewitnesses said.

Windowpanes were shattered due to the intensity of the explosion, police said, adding the two persons received minor injuries.


Senior police officials who rushed to the court cordoned off the area and pressed dog and bomb detection squads into service.

They said the cause of the blast is being investigated.

State Home Minister G Parameshwara, who was here today to pay last respects to Chief Minister Siddaramaiah’s son Rakesh who died in Belgium on Sunday, visited the spot with DGP Omprakash.

“I have seen the place, it has happened in the toilet. Due to the impact, wall and doors have been damaged. No injuries have happened, samples are being collected.

FSL (Forensics Sciences Lab) team is here and are collecting samples. After that investigation will happen,” he said.

Asked if there were any similarities to earlier explosions or any kind of suspicion, he said, “Nothing can be said now itself; let the investigation happen and let them find out about the materials used and the purpose.”

The Minister said though it was a low intensity blast, its impact was big because walls, doors and windowpanes have been damaged.

To a question about any intentions behind the blast as a large number of people and prominent personalities were in Mysuru to pay last respects to Rakesh Siddaramaiah, he said “I can’t say anything; I don’t want to speculate.”

He said police would be taking all required preventive and security measures.

Bomb Blast in Mysuru Court premises, four injured

Mysuru: At least four persons has been injured when a country bomb exploded in the Mysuru court premises here on August 1.


The explosion took place at around 4:30 pm, at the Mysuru court premises. The bomb is believed to have been detonated in a toilet in the court premises.

The fingerprint experts, canine squad and bomb disposal squad also reached the spot. Police have found two bags in the toilet. Police are investigating.

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  1. Just wondering what would anyone gain by harming fellow human being. Cant we live in peace and live behind hatred ? Its getting very scary to live in any city these days.

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