‘Bomb’ Found in Milagres Church – Alert, Concern during ‘Exercise’

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Mangaluru: There was alert and concern in the heart of the city when information was received that a ‘bomb’ had been planted inside the Milagres Church here on April 22 but was later the story had a different twist.

According to the police, they had received a call on April 20 saying that a bomb would be planted in the Milagres Church. Based on the call, the police alerted the church authorities to tighten the security.

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Speaking to mangalorean.com, one of the Church office staff said that they had increased the security after receiving the call regarding a threat of planting a bomb in the church premises. But on April 22 morning, when the police received a call that the bomb had already been planted, they were really shocked.

Pandeshwar police Inspector Dinaker Shetty and his team arrived at the spot and ‘searched’ for the bomb. Finally, they traced the ‘bomb’ inside the church which was kept under the bench neatly packed.

The canine squad and metal detecting team also arrived at the spot. Presence of metal was detected inside the pack while scanning. The pack was slowly opened and it was full of wires packed in a box. The anticlimax slowly unrolled.

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Speaking to mangalorean.com, inspector Dinker Shetty said that the operation was a mock drill as part of ascertaining the security alertness in the district.

He also said the similar exercises would be held once in six months in all important places in the district. By holding such mock drills, awareness would be brought about amongst the people as to how to deal with such situations.

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  1. I was shocked to hear that the miscreants reached inside the church to plant bomb, but when I read the entire article I realized its a mock drill.

  2. Mock drill should have been done in Hindu Temple more so during this Govt. Unnecessarily these things can cause anxiety and speculation.

    • Vas don’t connect everything to religion. The comes first.
      What’s the harm in a mock test. Think positive they have chosen a church… Might be they own good reasons… Temple would be always crowded n can create Havoc’s….

  3. Why use religious places for mock drill, why not use government offices or railway station. These are holy places, be it temple, mosque, church or gurudwara.

  4. In all likelihood the real bomb threat would involve a crowded train station, market or a Hindu temple. When was the last time terrorists targeted a church in India? Had they chosen one of those more realistic targets for this mock drill, the exercise would have been more helpful. The real challenge is how you spot a bomb in a crowded, chaotic public places before a bad thing happens. You can’t teach it in an empty church!!! Oh well, at least, I am glad that they are thinking of these scenarios and doing mock drills.

  5. “You can’t teach it in an empty church!!!” – Yumreeki Rampe

    Empty, eh? By that comment, it looks like that appendage that sits atop your shoulders is EMPTY! 🙂

    Sometimes, I can’t decide who is the PRIZE joker – DronaPPAN or You. 🙂

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