Boo-Yah! Golfers Excited at the Stroke-Play and Handicap Tournament

Boo-Yah! Golfers Excited at the Stroke-Play and Handicap Tournament

Mangaluru: Boo-Yah means exclamation of happiness, being excited, or feeling overwhelmed. And yes, that was the scene at the Strokeplay and Handicap Golf Tournament organized by Mangalore Round Table 115, in Association With Sports Authority of India (SAI) Golf Club, Bengaluru; Pilikula Golf Club, Mangaluru; and Eden Aquatic and Sports Foundation- Mangaluru on Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 November, 2016 at Pilikula Golf Club (PGC)-Moodushedde, Mangaluru. All the Proceeds from this Event will go to Charity, via Mangalore Round Table Club 115. MRT 115 conducts several events and the money raised through their projects are utilised towards projects at various Schools, Village Panchayats and Hospitals. Pilikula Golf Club has also endorsed their work and has committed to this Golf Event Every Year.


Pilikula Golf Club situated at Moodushedde about 12 kilometres from Mangaluru, is the first golf club in this picturesque City and Coastal Karnataka. This sprawling course is spread across 60 acres of land, and the 18 Hole Golf course is a facility that allows Members and Tourists to tee off amidst the undulating greens. The golf course has been designed making the best use of natural terrain and topography, which incorporates narrow and challenging fairways. The Tournaments are conducted annually with the participation of the golfers from the state in particular and also the golfers from the neighbouring states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

The idea of the present course was conceived by M S Gowdar, District Forest Officer and Dr E V Ramana Reddy, Deputy Commissioner in the year 1998. The PGC which was originally a part of Pilikula Nisargadhama became an independent entity and was registered on the 11th of October 2001, with A K Monappa, Deputy Commissioner as President, Eugene Rent as Captain, T Subbayya Shetty as Secretary and B B Shetty as Treasurer. Currently, (2016) Dr Jagadeesha, the DC of DK is the president, Nelson Pais is the Captain, Denzil Fernandes as Secretary, and Naveen Shetty as Treasurer.


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PGC is a golfer’s paradise! Beautiful property that is well maintained, with lush green lawns and the sounds of birds chirping away greet you. The place looks great, and well recommended for golf lovers. Well maintained and its huge, plus the greenery is amazing. Golf is played on a course, and the green area of the course is known as the fairway. The typical course consists of 18 holes, although golfers can play a 9-hole course through twice to play a full game of 18 holes. Golfers begin a play by standing at the teeing green and aiming the ball towards the putting green, the area where the flagstick and hole are located. The length from the teeing green to the hole varies depending on the course, and it may or may not be seen from the teeing the green. Most courses have holes that are seen from the teeing green, but some angle left or right making it invisible from the teeing green.

Golf courses use different lengths of turf or grass to increase the difficulty of the game. On the putting green, the area closest to the hole, the grass will be short and smooth to make it easier to putt into the hole. The course may also consist of intentional hazards such as sand dunes or lakes. If a ball is hit into a hazard area, a golfer can attempt to make the next swing from the hazard or hit a new ball in an area across from the hazard. The goal is to play as few strokes per round as possible. A golfer’s score is usually expressed as the difference between the player’s number of strokes and the par score. A hole in one (or an “ace”) occurs when a golfer sinks his ball into the cup with his first stroke from the tee. Common scores for a hole also have specific terms.

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Stroke play is the most commonly played type of game for professionals and simply uses a number of strokes it takes you to complete the game to determine your score. The player with the lowest amount of strokes wins. A team play game pits two people or a team of two to three people against each other. Similar to a stroke game, the strokes used, count as your score but it’s tallied as a team rather than individually. Amateurs also tend to use handicaps when calculating the score, as it allows you to subtract from the total score. Scoring in golf is called a par, and the distance from the teeing green to the hole usually determines what a typical par is for that hole. You are then scored on whether or not you go above or below the allotted par for that hole. And this tournament was all about Stroke-Play and Handicap!

Anyone who enjoys a nice walk and doesn’t mind learning a few rules can begin to play golf. While many professional golfers have contributed to the growing popularity of golf, amateur players still bring a passion for the game that excites fans and players alike. To know more about Golf, please contact PGC (824 2263957. Mobile : +91 720 480 1217; 9845406839) Mail: and they will get you in touch with one of their panel coaches for an in-depth info session!

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After a two-day hectic tournament on a treacherous sunny weekend, it was finally the prize distribution ceremony held on Sunday 20 November, which graced by family members, relatives and friends of PGC. During the occasion, the 24th wedding anniversary of PGC member, Deepak Ramani and his wife, Varsha was celebrated by cutting a cake, joined in by their close chums. At the formal function, Secretary of PGC Denzil Fernandes compered and also welcomed the gathering, while Treasurer of PGC Naveen Shetty delivered the vote of thanks. Other dignitaries on the dais were Captain of PGC-Nelson Pais, MRT 115 Treasurer – Lester D’Souza and Sports Authority of India (SAI) Golf Club committee member, Narasimhan.


Speaking during the occasion, Deputy Commissioner of DK and president of PGC, Dr Jagadeesha said, “Those who like golfing, it is a sport that requires concentration and precision, and it’s enjoyed by professional athletes and amateurs, both of whom compete throughout the year for titles and prizes. Many people consider golf an easy game to learn, but not everyone is actually good at golf. The basics of golf include hitting a ball with a club, trying hard to hit the ball directly into the hole on the green. If you haven’t tried playing golf, make up your mind, and you’ll love it once you get attached to it”.

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Following Prizes in the Following Categories were presented to the winners:

Stroke-play 0 to 18 – Winner, Vishal Hegde and Runner Up, Naveen Shetty
Stroke-play 19 to 26 – Winner, Dr Ronald Menezes and Runner Up, Manoj Shetty
Stable-ford 0 to 18 – Winner, Sharath Punja and Runner Up, Mutthuraya Reddy
Stable-ford 19 to 26 – Winner, Dr Srikanth Rai and Runner Up, Vasundra Shetty

Longest Drive        – Bharath
Straightest Drive    – Mutthuraya Reddy
Closest To The Pin  – Naveen Shetty


SAI Golf Club Winners were:

0 to 16 – 1st Prize, Col. Ponnappa – 2nd Prize, Hrishikesh – 3rd Prize, Nagesh
17 to 26 – 1st Prize, Soman, – 2nd Prize, Rakshith – 3rd Prize, Rozario

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