Boooo! Spook-tacular ‘Halloween Bash’ at ‘Retox Lounge Bar’

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Boooo! Spook-tacular ‘Halloween Bash’ at ‘Retox Lounge Bar’

Mangaluru: October 31st – The Vampires were out of their Coffins- The Corpses were out of their graves. And to get the scare out, hundreds of party animals gathered at the newest and happening place in town, the “Retox Lounge Bar” to meet the goblins. Yes, it was a Fang- tastic and Spook-tacular “Halloween Bash” at Retox Lounge Bar on Balmatta Road in City. Dare for a Halloween Scare – and that’s what exactly the jam-packed party revelers did at the ‘Lounge’. The night was filled with the queerest cocktails, food and all things eerie. Young and young-at-heart came attired with their favourite spooky and even sexy character, to win the wackiest male and female costumes cool prizes. The night was full of fright, fun, singing and music, and to all those “party-poopers”, all I can say is that “You missed one helluva Halloween Party of all times!”. Halloween was in the air, and it was one of a kind Halloween Party at Retox !

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The crowd enjoyed a spook-tacular night, and Halloween was here to send a chill down your spine and ‘Retox’ celebrated the spirit of Halloween like never before with costumes and decor all dedicated to the theme of eerie Halloween, making it the scariest night of your life. To keep the party in a theme-full and spirit-full action the bartender mixed some special Halloween drinks like Killer, Dracula’s Bite, Witch’s Heart and Poison Punch. ‘Retox’ had it all to keep the crowd going all night long as they prepared to frighten the lost souls of the night. Some of the patrons were in their creepiest best. The Lounge wore a decor of glowing pumpkins, tombstones, spider-webs, ghosts and to spook you more-Fog!. Pyrotechnics welcomed you at the entrance.

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City’s No 1 Flair and Mixology Bartender Sujan Shetty enthralled the crowd with his unique fire tricks and juggling, and area’s pro-Dj Lalith, the in-house Dj of ‘Retox’ belted out some of best EDM, Rock, Rap, Pop, techno numbers, also adding a masala of Bollywood hits, which kept the crowd grooving and shaking on the dance floor. Also spinning foot-tapping electro, progressive and spooky tunes, Halloween in India, unlike the USA is strictly a grown up affair. One would never find kids trick-or-treating in the country’s bustling streets and even if they did, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to suggest that it will only lead to a long, solid scolding from the neighborhood’s not-so-friendly Mary Auntie Keeping this in mind, perhaps the only way one could had a safe and fun Halloween was by going to ‘Retox lounge’, where the revelers embraced their quirks.

Seems like the American Halloween Fever has invaded the Mangaluru City by storm. In America, Halloween stands for a congregation of both religious and pagan beliefs, rituals and traditions. Irish immigrants were the ones who brought the festival to America. Every year on October 31, Americans celebrate Halloween with complete zeal and enthusiasm. The festival is celebrated to pay tribute to the departed souls of the near and dear ones. It is believed that the souls of the dead relatives come to earth to visit their living relatives. In the 20th century that the commercialization aspect came into being and the popularity of the festival increased. Today, in America, Halloween is more of a communal celebration rather than being a religious holiday. And for that matter, Mangaluru too followed the American Halloween spirit, which came alive at Retox Lounge.

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Retox Lounge Bar- A New Buzz and Happening Place in Town!

“Retox”- is a Trendy and Elegant Lounge Bar offering a wide array of drinks, delectable Snacks, tantalizing and awesome food along with in-house DJ, winsome ambience, excellent decor, friendly and courteous staff- surely ‘Retox Lounge Bar’ is the New Buzz and a happening Place in town, located on Balmatta Road, near Hotel Woodside, Mangaluru.

Well, this is ‘Retox Lounge Bar’ and you might as well give it a shot. It has a more happening scene with a faithful group of people who end up there and have some social time. The best thing about this place is the variety of music that is being played – Just great rock/pop/reggae/EDM/techno etc and if you are heading to ‘Retox’ then make sure you pick friends who enjoy similar style music or else you are not going to enjoy as much. Just enjoy your drink and have a burger or continental or local/Indian cuisine while listening to great music. Just classic…

image015halloween-bash-retox-lounge-bar-mangalorean-com-20161101-015 image016halloween-bash-retox-lounge-bar-mangalorean-com-20161101-016 image018halloween-bash-retox-lounge-bar-mangalorean-com-20161101-018

One of the very simple reasons music buffs or party revelers like ‘Retox’ because you come in here any day of the week and it feels like a weekend! From kind hospitality and friendly management folks, they make you feel like their own. The servers here are great, polite and so very jovial! looks like they really enjoy their work which in turns makes the customers have a good lively time. The music and ambiance are perfect- Nothing to complain at all! Air-conditioned with a comfortable seating arrangement, one can relax after a hectic day at work or college, and enjoy all the goodies and hospitality ‘Retox’ has to offer. The array of drinks are synonymous to refreshing time, to unwinding and rejuvenate. So next time you are planning a birthday bash or celebrate any occasion or just spend some social time in a cozy atmosphere, make ‘Retox’ your fun and entertainment headquarters.

Among the plethora of lounge Bars in town, ‘Retox’ stands out as an exclusive party hub symbolizing style, class and contemporary lifestyle. With its warm and cozy feel, this Lounge Bar with authentic cuisine and mind blowing music will make it just a place to be and quench yourself with a beer, cocktails, mocktails, snacks and good food any time of the day..With an epitome of comfort and state-of-the-art interiors, the ambiance embodies elegance at its best and the paneled lounge with soothing lights will be easy on the eyes. One can relax on the cozy seats and spend your social spree sipping on your favorite brand of drinks, and munching on your burger or other lip-smacking multi-cuisine items.

The Lounge’s full-fledged and well-equipped modern kitchen will dish out myriad cuisines ranging from Tandoori, Continental, Indian, Chinese, and Western snacks. With a wide variety of drinks, and choicest a-la-carte menu, why go somewhere else ? And the classy decor with psychedelic lights will offer you an experience worth remembering. With the mind-blowing variety of music and lip-smacking dishes are to die for once at, ‘Retox Lounge Bar’.

image019halloween-bash-retox-lounge-bar-mangalorean-com-20161101-019 image020halloween-bash-retox-lounge-bar-mangalorean-com-20161101-020 image021halloween-bash-retox-lounge-bar-mangalorean-com-20161101-021 image022halloween-bash-retox-lounge-bar-mangalorean-com-20161101-022halloween

To sum it up- at Retox Lounge Bar, the ambiance is beautiful – The service is very good and the staff is courteous – Food is awesome with a wide selection on the menu list – The music is amazing every day of the week. Must visit for people looking to chill out in this area. The food is pretty good too unlike many other places which are just about Ok. You will love this place as this is a quick mix for a place which has good deals on booze and yummy food too, decent ambiance and good music. Simply a fun place to be for a social get-together. Come, experience this unique Lounge Bar and feel the difference. And for sure- ‘Retox Lounge Bar” is the New Buzz and Happening Place in Town!

Near Hotel Wood Side, Balmatta Rd, Hampankatta, Mangaluru-575001
Phone: 097401 78458
Hours: 11 AM–11 PM, 7 days a week

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  1. Excellent write-up by “party animal” Alfy. Retox is indeed a Happening place at present in Mangaluru.

  2. Food is awesome, and in wide variety. Cool ambiance and a great place to socialize. Best of luck.

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