Bridges worth 77.50 crore under construction in Udupi constituency – Pramod Madhwaraj

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Bridges worth 77.5 crores under construction in Udupi constituency – Pramod Madhwaraj

Udupi: “Bridges costing Rs 77.50 crore are under construction in Udupi constituency”, said Minister for Sports, Youth Affairs, Sports and Minister in-charge District Pramod Madhwaraj. He was speaking after inspecting the construction work of Manipal-Shimbra and Pamchamikhana Bridge here on March 26.

The bridges proposed in the vision 2025 of the election manifesto are under construction. The manifesto was proposed for 10 years but many of the works included in the manifesto are either completed or under construction.

The Manipal-Shimbra Bridge will ease connectivity in the region. The bridge consisting of 74 pilings is being constructed at a cost of rupees 10 crores. The bridge will be completed in 18 months, the physical target achieved is 40% and the financial target achieved is 35%. The land acquisition has to be completed in 1 month and the deputy commissioner is instructed to complete the land acquisition with a negotiable settlement. The bridge is 202.96 meters long and 7.5 meters wide.

The Panchamikhana Bridge has constructed at a cost of Rs 20 crore. The bridge was allocated in the list of Uttar Kannada district as the then Surface Minister Oscar Fernandes was approached. The 80% physical progress and 70% financial progress have been achieved. The bridge will be inaugurated in the month of May. The approach road of 2 Km will also be constructed. The bridge was also proposed in the 2025 vision document, he added.

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7 years ago

Unlike ‘communal development’ in BJP ruled states is at peak, Karnataka is really progressing without any ‘Gujarat Model’.
PM Modi who is blaming 70 years of past Congress ruling is not even able produce his marks card achived in last three years.
For BJP troll army CM Siddaramaiah is just ‘Nidramiah’, now Yogi’s and RSS pracharak taking the driving seat only ‘cow governance’ is visible.

Jai Hind