Brig.C D’Souza Urges Minister Sorake to Expedite UG Drainage Work at Kulshekar/Kalpane

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(Following are the contents of the letter dated 19 May 2015 sent by Brigadier C. D’Souza to the Minister of Urban Development, Vinayakumar Sorake, to expedite underground drainage work at Kulshekar Kalpane-Shakthinagar Cross stretch


C. D’Souza, Rtd. Sr. Executive, Govt. of India and Vice President, PUCL

‘Hill view,’ Silver Gate, Kulshekar, Mangalore – 575 005.


Vinayakumar Sorake

Honourable Minister of Urban Development

Government of Karnataka, Bengaluru.
Respected Sir,

Subject: Underground drainage from Kulshekar Kalpane to Shakthinagar Cross and up to Silver Gate.

Ref: 1. Letter from The Executive Engineer, Mangalore City Corporation to The Executive Engineer, NH 13, Urwa Store, Mangalore dated 15.11.2013.

2. Letter from The Chief Engineer, National Highways, Bangalore to the Regional Officer, Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Bangalore, bearing Letter No. CNH/TA4/AE2/NH-13/UGD/MCC/ Km743.-743.5/2617/ NOC/2014-15 dated 18.9.2014.

Kindly recall the letters referred above regarding laying of underground drainage from Kulshekar Kalpane to Shakthinagar Cross along National Highway 13. Proper drainage system is the basic requirement of any city. As Mangalore is growing at a very fast pace, it is necessary that drainage system keeps pace with the city’s development. Without proper drainage system, it will be difficult for people to live in hygienic condition. Though the Mangalore City Corporation has sought permission from the National Highway Authority to lay UGD along the highway from Kulshekar Kalpane to Shakthinagar Cross, as of now no action seems to have been taken in this regard.

In some places, the lanes are too narrow for sewage trucks to pass. Therefore, it is essential to provide underground drainage system to those areas. The City Corporation has moral obligation to provide drainage system to these areas also as the residents of these areas pay the taxes just like any other citizens of the City Corporation. Therefore, the Corporation cannot deny them the facility of sewage line.

Further, even the residents of Shakthinagar Cross to Kulshekar Kalpane have complained about the lack of underground drainage system in writing to Public Union for Civil Liberties, Mangalore Unit as they have been suffering for a long time without drainage system. This letter has already been forwarded to the Commissioner of Mangalore City Corporation. We are writing this letter in support of addressing public grievances.

Therefore we request you to act immediately to advice the National Highway Authority to accord permission to Mangalore City Corporation to proceed with the UGD work in the national interest.

Thanking you,

Yours truly,C. D’Souza,

Rtd. Sr. Executive, Govt. of India,
Vice President, PUCL, and founder member, Christian Laity Forum


– J. R. Lobo, MLA, Mangalore South, for information and to write to the National Highway Ministry to issue permission to Mangalore City Corporation to start the work.

– Chief Engineer, National Highways, K. R. Circle, Bangalore for information and to obtain permission from the Ministry of Urban Development to start UGD work immediately.

– Executive Engineer, National Highway 13, Urwa, Mangalore for information and to write to the Chief Engineer, National Highways, to obtain permission and intimate Mangalore City Corporation as early as possible.

– The Commissioner, Mangalore City Corporation for information and to take up the matter with the National Highway Authority to accord permission to start the work at the earliest.

– Executive Engineer, Mangalore City Corporation, Engineering Department to kindly take up the matter with the National Highway Authority to accord permission and for starting the work mentioned above at the earliest.

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  1. Hi Brig. C. D`Souza carry on your crussade of reminding the M.C.C.At least we can see the good work

  2. Sir, First please make arrangements for your Drainage Water which is creating problem in Kulshekar Area.

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