Buy Paan – Get Condoms Free! Paan Vendor Creates Awareness about Population Control

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A paan vendor in Bihar, 40 year old Nandal Sah, who runs his stall in Phalka Bazar has come up with an innovative way to create awareness about population control, he has been offering his customers a free condom with each paan/betel leaf.


Sah’s unique idea has not only attracted many customers and boosted his paan sales, but has also helped in bringing awareness about population control in that area. Appreciating his efforts some NGOs, medical representatives and others have donated him condoms for free distribution. But some times Sah himself purchases condoms when NGOs or medical representatives don’t deliver them in time.

Apart from distributing free condoms to men, Sah has also persuaded nearly 300 women for sterilisation till date. Since Bihar is one of the most densely populated states, the government there two years ago launched a major initiative to stabilise population and train adolescents on reproductive health and family planning.

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