USA: D’Souza family epitomize at World Day of Peace Mass!

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The Archdiocese of Cincinnati celebrated the Catholic Church’s 48th World Day of Peace Mass on Thursday, January 1. The D’Souza family, emblematized by taking part at the 11 a.m. Mass at the Cathedral of St. Peter in Chains in downtown Cincinnati.

Catholics around the globe have celebrated New Year’s Day as World Day of Peace since 1968. Pope Francis has announced the theme this year as “Slaves no more, but brothers and sisters.” The Vatican explains: “Many people think slavery is a thing of the past. Too many abominable forms of slavery persist in today’s world: human trafficking, trade in migrants and prostitutes, exploitation, slave labor, and the enslavement of women and children. To counter slavery effectively, the inviolable dignity of every person must be recognized above all.



Rohan and Bradly D’Souza  represented the first group on labor trafficking, and they were joined by a representative from the Cincinnati Interfaith Worker Center, which works on this issue. Six groups of three processed down, walked the main aisle towards the Sanctuary, each group representing a different aspect of modern day human slavery: labor trafficking, sex trafficking, child slavery, child soldiers, the sale of body parts, and debt bondage. The agency representative lead the group by carrying a candle. Rohan and Bradly followed closely behind, crossing their wrists to symbolize slavery. Once the group reached the Sanctuary space, the candle was placed at the foot of an image of Mary(our Lady Of the Streets). At that time, Rohan and Bradly  uncrossed and raised their wrists, symbolizing freedom.

The whole D’Souza family had the gratification of bringing up gifts during the offertory, just following the Prayers of the Faithful and preceding the Eucharistic Prayer.

Harold and Dancy D’Souza are advocates on creating awareness on labor trafficking. Their two sons Rohan and Bradly support this noble cause.

The Masses are co-sponsored by the Archdiocesan offices of Catholic Social Action, Worship, and Mission. They included religious sisters, anti-human trafficking agencies, and youth who are all working to end forms of modern-day slavery.

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Cincinnati is the 38th largest Catholic diocese in the country, with almost 500,000 Catholics, and has the sixth largest network of Catholic schools in terms of enrollment. The 19-county territory includes 212 parishes and 113 Catholic primary and secondary schools.

The D’Souza family hail from Bajpe, Mangalore and now reside at Cincinnati, Ohio in America.

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