Calling All Young Students! Write Meaningful Stories Connected to Pandemic or Hobbies

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Calling All Young Students! Write Meaningful Stories Connected to Pandemic or Hobbies

Mangaluru: With students currently at home because of the pandemic, it’s helpful to provide learning opportunities that get them talking about what’s happening in the world with trusted adults and peers. Writing gives students an outlet to express their feelings and connect with others during this unsettling time in their lives. These ideas for home assignments build connection and help our young people process this difficult experience while developing their writing skills. While noticing that students are at home due to the pandemic, I came up with an idea why not encourage the students to overcome their boredom spree, by giving them a chance to unleash their hidden talents of writing, and send them into thereby showing them to the world how smart the present generation is in their writing talent.

When I went to school and college there was no Internet or smartphones or other digital gadgets, we learned hard by reading and writing, thus gaining very good knowledge. But sadly, in the present world where children are in the digital era, they have been lacking knowledge since they learn using digital gadgets, to write, browse, spell-check, etc etc- and this has made a large number of students weak in their knowledge and education. It’s sad to note many can’t even spell simple words correctly. It’s okay to have a smartphone, computer, laptop, or any other digital gadget, but students should use them only when needed and nor all the time- the best way to gain knowledge is by reading, and especially WRITING!

I am happy to note that Miss Shinelle D’Silva, aged 13 years, a VIIIth standard student at Mount Carmel Central School, Mary Hill, Mangaluru, the daughter of Roshan D’Silva, employed in Kuwait, and Mrs Nirmala, who owns a cosmetic shop in Mangaluru, was the FIRST one who responded to my call, willingly accepting the gauntlet to write for our website, while she is one among the thousands of students stuck at home during the pandemic. Shinelle’s hobbies are Music, Singing, Reading Books and Travelling.- and now adding yet another feather to her cap, that is WRITING! She is also trying her best to make her younger brother Elric, studying in 4th standard, also at Mount Carmel, Central School, to follow in her footsteps, starting to write. So, all you young students out there stuck at home, start a new hobby of WRITING, just like young Shinelle, and be the next “Writing Star” of You can write about your experience coping with the pandemic, or about your hobbies, or anything interesting- just WRITE!

 While you are amidst the pandemic, Interview senior members of the community. With our older community members at higher risk, hearing their stories has increasing significance. Students can interview family members, senior members of the school staff, or others through handwritten letters, phone calls, or video chats. When students write up and share their interviews with the class, they will get a broader, more nuanced view of older generations’ experiences. A journal in which a teacher and student write back and forth to each other is an ongoing communication that helps teachers build relationships with each student while they model writing and observe students’ progressing skills.

Organize pen pals or small letter-writing groups. Lately, any story we read or watch can be a painful reminder of how much is changing. Some students find it comforting to be immersed in that world, but others find these moments upsetting. Write to us what you think about our leaders, policies, and proposed solutions to this pandemic? Writing is a crucial skill for learners, for their academic careers and their life after school. In our current situation, teachers need strategies for writing instruction that can be used in both face-to-face and virtual settings, because even at schools that have reopened for in-person learning, there’s a chance we’ll have to shift back to distance learning if local coronavirus cases surge. Some teachers argue that it’s difficult to assess students’ engagement levels without seeing their faces. It’s also just disheartening to teach a sea of black boxes or static profile pictures.

Anyways, are you all ready children to WRITE? You send us your BEST Stories, and we will in return treat you with Gift Cards/Coupons for Ideal Ice Cream, Sporting Goods, Pizza, etc etc. So, On Your Mark..Get Set..WRITE! and email your stories to:

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  1. have made your Dada and Mamma proud with your skills. Would look forward for more achievements and be assured of all support from all your loved ones … brother, cousins, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends and well wishers.

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