‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ actress dies at 43

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Los Angeles, July 7 (IANS) Actress Amanda Peterson, best known for her 1987 film “Can’t Buy Me Love”, is dead. She was 43.

The actress died at her home in Greeley, Colorado, reports tmz.com.

Peterson’s father said that the family hadn’t heard from 43-year-old since July 3 and became concerned. Her body was finally discovered at her home on July 5.

As for cause of death, Peterson’s father said that they don’t know the official cause of death, but shared: “She had some illness and a sleep apnea problem that may have contributed.”

Peterson had been dealing with several medical issues over the past two years including pneumonia, sinusitis and sleep apnea. Peterson’s father also said that she had been living in a home with mold issues, but moved out about a year ago.

Peterson started her Hollywood career in early 1980s and landed small roles in musical film “Annie” and several TV shows including “Silver Spoons” and “Boone”. She got famous after playing Cindy Mancini opposite Patrick Dempsey in 1987’s romantic comedy movie “Can’t Buy Me Love”.

In 1994, Peterson reportedly left her movie career and moved to Colorado. She was said back to school several years ago but dropped out around 2010. Before her death, it’s said that Amanda had been trying to make it as a writer.

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