Catholic Sabha Udupi Holds Christian Entrepreneurs Meet ‘PRERANA’ 

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Catholic Sabha Udupi Holds Christian Entrepreneurs Meet ‘PRERANA’ 

Udupi: Catholic Sabha Udupi Pradesh and Karavali Christian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCCI) jointly organized ‘PRERANA’ a Christian Entrepreneurs Meet at the Mandovi Sabha Bhavan, Kadiyali, Udupi here on Sunday, February 24.

The programme began with an invocation. President of Catholic Sabha Udupi Pradesh Alwyn Quadros welcomed the gathering.
Bishop of Udupi Diocese Dr Gerald Isaac Lobo inaugurated the programme by lighting the traditional lamp. In his inaugural message, the Bishop said, “There are a lot of options in Udupi district for entrepreneurship but unfortunately our Youth are going abroad after their education in search of jobs. Even though some are not highly qualified, the better pay packages attract them to the Gulf. Today the Gulf countries are also facing the scarcity of Jobs and many are facing problems to get proper jobs. The Catholic youth are also going abroad in search of jobs instead of showing interest to work or start their own business here. Once these youth get a job in the gulf, some of them, forget their parents back home and they are even hesitant to come to their motherland. It is high time to encourage our youth to start their own business in their hometown so that they can stay with their parents and also manage their own business. Successful entrepreneurs should guide our youth to become good entrepreneurs”.
MLC and Chief ministers parliamentary affairs secretary Ivan D’Souza in his message said, “We all come together, take our resources together and work for the betterment of the society.  I congratulate the organizers for holding PRERANA to encourage the youth to start their own business. Passion and patience are important to be successful in business.”
He called upon the entrepreneurs to work with utmost dedication and sense of commitment and strive to be innovative. Several opportunities are available to start a business in Undivided DK district. Entrepreneurs should seize the opportunity and move forward, he said.
Dr Jerry Vincent Dais Chairman of KCCCI presided over the programme. Anil Lobo Chairman MCC Bank delivered the keynote address.
Three Successful entrepreneurs Joyal Viviyan Mathais Karkala, Sharmila Buthello Kundapur and John R D’Silva Karkala were awarded the Catholic Sabha & KCCCI PRERANA Awards.  Roshan Belman the founder of Humanity Trust was felicitated for social service.
Nathalia Helen Lobo Income Tax officer Ward 2(1) Mangalore, I R Fernandes, President district Small Industries Association Udupi, Walter Saldanha president Udupi District Varthakara Hitharakshana Vedike, AEP Dukoria Joint Commissioner of Income Tax (OSD), Circle I Udupi, Dolphy Lewis secretary KCCCI Udupi and Maxim D’Souza Secretary Catholic Sabha were present.

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  1. With due respect to, The Catholic Sabha members and the Bishop in their speeches emphasize that local men should not go abroad for lucrative jobs, and instead be in business locally and look after their parents, but certainly they know how much it costs to rent or own a small shop in Udupi or Mangalore and that the Mother of Sorrows Church owned Udupi Super Bazaar shops that generate a very good monthly, are rented out cheaply to 95% non-Christians. Moreover, what about the large donations given to the Church by these Gulf-based Catholics of Udupi and Mangalore! Nothing is mentioned by the Bishop on this subject.

    Perhaps, the Builder and Promoter, Mr. Jerry Dias, would be able to inform that to rent a shop in Udupi costs nothing less than Rs.10,000.- to Rs.20,000.- per month and to own a shop costs nothing less than 35Lakhs to 50 Lakhs minimum in Udupi or Mangalore. If a local Catholic who has this kind of money, then he need not open a business or work in the Gulf to look after his own family or his parents. He could instead live on a good interest income of 8% per annum generated by keeping his money in Fixed Deposits.

    Banks charge between 8.5 – 9.5% interest on loans and this is simply a trap that one will never be able to get out off with any business. Ask any businessman in Udupi or Mangalore and they can tell the Bishop how many hours and how much effort one has to put to run a business in Udupi or Mangalore. and just how much they earn end of the day and just how they profit after deducting all the utility bills, and staff salaries, and unbelievable taxes

    The Churches earn 100% profit without any cash investment from the weekly Tithes, yearly KAIDO, and large donations coming from gulf based Catholics.

    People do not have enough spending money in Udupi and Mangalore taking into consideration their monthly income, and the salaries in Udupi and Mangalore for 95% of jobs in shops and supermarkets do not pay much. Only 10% working in Banks, Udupi Municipality or other Government offices and the Insurance companies earn well.

    Udupi, in general, has a very poor economy and market because of the small population and lack of industries and job opportunities. The Bejapuris labourers are instead doing very well, earning a daily wage of Rs.450 to Rs.700.- per day cash upfront, with little overheads and expenses and no taxes paid!

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