CDC Decides to form Karnataka State Christian Development Board – MLA J R Lobo

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CDC Decides to form Karnataka State Christian Development Board – MLA J R Lobo

Mangaluru: “The Christian Development Committee has decided to form the State Christian Development Board for the total development of the Christian Community in the state. In this connection, a delegation met the President of the Christian Development Committee and state minister K J George on November 10 and a meeting was convened. In the meeting it was unanimously decided to form the Karnataka State Christian Development Board”, stated the MLA of Mangaluru South Constituency and Vidhana Mandala Backward Class and Minorities’ Committee president J R Lobo in a press release here on November 16.

For the development of the Christian community from all the constituencies in the state, the state government had formed a committee and in the year 2013-14 Rs 75 crore had been sanctioned, in the year 2014-15 Rs 100 crore, in 2015-16 Rs 120 crore and in 16-17 the funds sanctioned were Rs 175 crore. The sanctioned funds have been utilized hundred percent for the development of the Christian Community in the state, such as development of the Churches, renovation of prayer halls, Basic facilities for the Cemeteries, to construct community halls, Old age homes, Orphanages, Financial support for the Ashrams taking care of the physically challenged and scholarship for higher studies abroad.

The committee has also decided to provide financial support for the health centers, and provide basic facilities to run clinics. At present the committee has its own limitations to select and sanction funds which creates problems to undertake development work. Hence the committee has decided to form the Board and the decision will be conveyed to the Chief Minister.

Recently when the Chief Minister had met the Arch Bishop of Bengaluru Dr Bernard Moras, the Arch Bishop had requested the Chief Minister of forming the Christian Development Board, said Lobo.

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  1. Hope Christian Development Board gets a proportionate Amount. Kindly change the structure of funds disbursement as only one community is enjoying 85% till date. mere formation of Board is not enough. Funds need to be disbursed impartially to all minorities.

  2. Instead of generalizing the expenses having been met 100%
    in Church Development, Community Halls, Cemetries, Orphanges,
    Old Age Homes – which is very doubtful because each Church
    asks parishioners for monthly KAIDO and also to fund for building
    of new Churches, etc. in their respective parish. For example,
    How much of this fund was given to Mother of Sorrows Church, Udupi?

    A list of benefactor Church Parishes, Orphanges, Old Age Homes
    etc. would leave out all doubts of such statements.

  3. Which church, community centre, prayer hall or cemetery has been developed using these funds please let us know. All these repair and construction is undertaken by funds given by parishioners. So are the churches taking money form the parishioners and the govt. for the same.

  4. The fund which is alloted to minority please make sure it reaches to the poorest of the poor without any delay, and wat’s up not like telegram to an individual r only one group……it’s not comment, my humble request .. thank you..

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